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Fan’s club on it again

Bamenda SIC/UDs -24/04/17.The fans club of the University of Dschang who in the previous years have left their foot prints clear during the university games are on again this season. Except for the past season where they had a drop in performance principally in open challenge, the fans club from the first days of this year’s competition are giving a strong impression that they are out to right the wrongs of last year. In addition to their great performance during the opening ceremony, especially during the hoisting of the flag, the open challenge competition qualifications to the next round and the general choreographic dances offered to give an impetus to their companions of the sporting disciplines in quest of victory, the fans club this day during their thematic presentations kept their onlookers speechless by their performance. Bringing us back history lane, this group of talented young men and women revived the pathetic story of slave trade lived by our ancestors. It was indeed a vivid picture that halted passer-bys compelling them to use their phones and cameras to take snap shots of this interesting sight. Needless to say, the mascot, the pig fondly named `Ndongfack’ was present leading the throng, guided of course by a member of the fans club, dressed almost in pants, with his entire body painted in black. This was the same attire of half of the group who walking in rows under the pangs of chains received flogging by their mates dressed in military attire all a demonstration of the historical fact faced by Africans. The sight was indeed pregnant with meaning leaving no one indifferent. The Dschang University fans club is on again, we can boldly say and with this, we can be sure of pleasant surprises by the end of the event. The best is yet to come as the competition tightens its grip of creativity, ride on, our fans club!  /GC

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