2020/2021 Official reopening ceremony


…Satisfied but there is the need to push forward– Vice-Chancellor UDs

Dschang,UDs/SIC-20/11/20. During the Official reopening ceremony which was marked by an impressive academic procession, an ecumenical prayer session, an inaugural lesson, award of certificates and the oath-taking session of freshmen at the Amph1000, the Vice Chancellor expressed profound satisfaction with the kickoff of the academic year to media officials. While speaking to the media after the ceremony, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso highlighted the University’s current infrastructural strategy which was in line with its public investment plan with the help of the various accompanying ministries.  Concerning the institution’s academic report, he stated that UDs had realized distinct performances, with 197 Ph.D thesis defended with 50 of such through video conferencing. Prof Nanfosso appreciated the health strategy put in place to overcome the spread of the COVID- 19 with all necessary measures taken by the institution as prescribed by the government.

Appreciating the stand of the university on the international scene, he added that the institution has continued to pursue its expansion through a host of signed framework agreements and has obtained remarkable international recognition with 3 key distinctions at the world scene. This awards ,positions the University of Dschang at the 1st position in Central Africa which indicates a productive synergy of the members of the university community thanks to their motto of collective dynamics… this permits us to have conclusive and dynamic results which have become more progressive with time …the VC stated.

 Despite the success trend, the Vice-Chancellor stated that a Vice-Chancellor is never satisfied when student do not succeed in their examinations, when its graduates do not make it at international and national competitive examinations, when staff are sick and when its publications are not ranked top amongst others in the world… but here in Dschang we are motivated to be satisfied with our performances… with  an 85% student success rate ,a satisfactory level on the fight against the pandemic, the improved  quality of our courses offered, the change in grade by lecturers at the CCIU and CAMES in Cameroon and at the international Scene respectively, as well as recognition of some  non-teaching staff at the international scene.

 However, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso concluded by indicating that, although satisfied there was the need to push forward to maintain the statuesquo at the national, regional and international level. While cautioning the freshmen to work hard from day one to the end of their programme in the university, what we expect from freshmen is academic commitment, work, work and workDschang is a good laboratory, as far as science, bilingualism, technology and sports among others is concerned…he added.

The official academic train  is on the move and the freshmen have taken an oath of academic  uprightness, a trend which will certainly boost the institution’s brilliance  through the joint efforts of the teaching and non-teaching staff guided by the vision of the Vice-Chancellor./

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