2018/2019 Sporting season


Annex FASA kicks off with victories

Dschang,UDs/SIC-08/12/18. The kickoff of the 2018/2019 sporting season in Bafia played enormously on the athletes of the annex of FASA as they clinched victory in all the two competitions organized during the ceremony. Dressed in purple jersies against the strip white and red jersies of the Institute of Fine Arts Foumban, the annex obtained their first win in a highly contested football match under the watchful eyes of university and state administrative officials. The goal was scored in the first half by Tongo Yvan who made a dazzling move that amazed the crowd. The Match ended 1-0 in favour of the host. In the next sporting activity which was the relay, the annex repeated their exploits by beating the Faculty of Sciences to record a100% success rate during the opening ceremony. It is hoped that this winning spirit will continue in the days ahead when the sporting season will effectively take steam.

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