1st Pan African Conference on Crystallography


VC lauds hosting initiative
. The Vice Chancellor during  his launching speech wished that these initiatives be transformed into long term actions for a brighter future for African countries such as: improving teaching in basic crystallography through the successful concept of Open lab, increasing training opportunities for youth students, promoting the vulgarisation of crystallography in its emerging application fields such as fine arts, green industrial chemistry and biotechnology, facilitate the implantation of active research centres in Africa, increasing scientific cooperation between African universities and the international crystallography community and promote links between practical crystallography and the industry. It is worth noting that Crystallography is a Science dedicated to the study of crystals that later extended to different scientific domains which engulf chemistry, geology, human sciences and fine arts. In terms of contribution to sustainable development it can help in the analysis of natural resources, the characterization of raw materials that can help in the production of plasma screens, telephone Sim cards etc. Prof Tsafack envisaged the reinforcement in cooperation ties between the intercontinental associations of Crystallography, the putting in place of an African Association of crystallography and the implantation of a centre of research in the University of Dschang in crystallography. 

At the end of the 5 day conference expected resolutions will cover the launching of the “African Crystallography Association”, agreements on the “African Light Source” project, facilitation of procedures for equipment acquisition and the maintenance of sub-Saharan African laboratories. The kick off ceremony ended with an open lecture titled from molecule to Crystal by Prof Desiraju Gautham. Participants were thrilled to an exquisite dinner at the Hotel de Malte/

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