UDs holds its 40th senate session

A platform for advancement

Dschang,UDs/SIC -21/06/17.The 40th session of the senate of UDs has been scheduled to hold on the 22nd June 2017 in the conference hall of the Chancellery. During this session a number of pressing issues will be tabled before the members of the senate. These issues include,

Training programs and/or rehabilitation of departments of faculties

Report of activities of directorates and faculties

State of implementation of the incentive funds for research

Promotion and advancement of lecturers

The State of advancement of student’s enrolment amongst other issues.

It should be recalled that the 39th session of the senate of UDs was held on 19th December 2016; Session that saw the putting in place of the of the Institutional support Fund for Research known in its French acronym as (FIAR). The senate meeting of June 22nd will be presided at by the Vice chancellor, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso.DT

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