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Fans club competition: Major innovations

Dschang UDs/SIC-27/03/2019:  The supporters club competition dubbed Fan’s club, tops all animated disciplines, ever since it was codified and standardized by the National University Sports Federation (FENASU) as the 10th discipline during university games competition. Fan’s club are expected to support their team mates and animate play grounds, while respecting ethics, fair play and above all the promotion and valorisation of both tangible and non-tangible cultural patrimony of Cameroon. Dschang 2019 will witness some major innovations, particularly with the inclusion of mini-carnival, the fusion of all competitors into one class of 30 athletes, the cancellation of open challenge and thematic competitions, the reduction of the evaluators as well as the inclusion of one extra trainer.

This year’s Fan’s club competition will have two major categories, general animation and carnival. The general animation will include competitions on the playground and the flag-mast competition, while for the first time ever, the carnival will take place on the 3 sites, including Dschang on the 3rd May, Foumban on the 7th May and Bandjoun on the 10th May and at the end, a sum total will be made to have the winner in that category. Another innovation is the fusion of all the classes into one. Initially, there were two classes of competition, Class A made up of State Universities and Class B made up of Private Institutions of Higher learning, who competed for a total of 12 medals in two main categories. This year, only 6 medals will be available for the 2 different categories. Due to the increment of the number of athletes, the sub-commission deemed it necessary to include a second trainer. With all these major changes, UDs fan’s is poised to occupy their top position as the best Fan’s club in recent years, looking at their caps./MRZ

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