Double master’s degree in condensed matter physics between University of Dschang and University of Lorraine


In 2017 a double master’s degree agreement was signed between the University of Dschang (UDs) and the University of Lorraine (UL) at the initiative of Professors Lukong Cornelius Fai (UDs) and Daniel Malterre (UL). This partnership allows the condensed-matter-physics master students studying in Dschang to obtain both the UDs and UL Master’s degrees. In addition, the best students from Dschang are selected in Master 1 to prepare the Master 2 in France, with the objective of obtaining thesis funding in a French university.

The double master degree in physics : Condensed Matter and Nanomaterials

To build this double master degree, we had to harmonize the teaching units of the two master’s programs. Master’s courses, in Nancy or Dschang, must be equivalent, even if certain courses requiring specific equipments, such as nanoscience practical works, are only offered in Nancy. Moreover two UL professors must come and teach in Dschang. A bipartite monitoring committee consisting of 3 UDs members and 3 UL members has been set up. This committee selects the best M1 students to come and prepare the master’s degree in Nancy, and constitutes the jury for the double master degree. Selection is made on the basis of excellence, with a careful analysis of results in the bachelor’s degree (from L1 to L3) followed by an individual interview. Under the terms of the agreement, the students pay registration fees only at the university where they are studying for the Master 2 degree. For students preparing the degree in Nancy, the agreement exempts them from the registration fee (3770 €) for non-EU students, and they have only to pay the registration fee for the European students (343 €). An amendment to the agreement has been signed in 2021, allowing students with the same rights to study in another UL physics master’s program on “Fusion and Plasma Sciences”. Up to now, a total of 8 students have chosen this program.


The agreement balance sheet  

Since the first year of the agreement (2017-2018), 49 master students have graduated in Dschang and 24 came to successfully prepare the Master degree in Nancy. For the current year (2023-2024), 8 students are in Nancy  (this is a record). For the students graduating in Nancy, 23 have found a thesis funding (3-year contract with a salary of about  €1,500 net per month) in French universities (U. Lorraine, Paris, Toulouse, Caen, Limoges, Clermont-Ferrand, Rouen, Nantes, Rennes) and one student has switched to an engineering school.


The Dschang students have created a real community in Nancy, welcoming and supporting new students every year. They play an essential role in the success of students who come to Nancy to prepare for the Master’s degree. They help their fellow students with visa applications and administrative formalities when they arrive in France, and throughout the year they assist them in adapting to the teaching system in France, which is very different from that in Cameroon.

They also initiated the organization of two scientific days (July 23, 2021 and May 26, 2023) involving their fellow students in Dschang by videoconference.


The future of the double master degree in physics

The agreement between university of Dschang and university of Lorraine will come to the end in 2024. Discussions on its future development have already begun under the impetus of Dean Clautilde Teugwa who has already organized working meetings with teachers from the condensed matter laboratory. In addition, the Cameroonian and French professors involved in this agreement are currently working on the pedagogical content of the new master’s degree and on improvements to the organizational aspects. The writing of the new agreement between the two universities is in progress.

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