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    Solemnly ushering in the sporting euphoria

    DSCHANG THE CENTER OF ATTRACTION. The inhabitants of the city of knowledge with their visitors arose this 5th day of May 2019 to a cultural jamboree by the various fans club commencing from Foto down to the Main stadium of campus A.

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    The distribution ceremony of the Presidential gift

    The students of the University of Dschang could not hide their feelings as they received the long awaited PB HEV laptops today 16th February 2018 at the Amphi 1000 of the University. The selected students who received the first consignment..

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    Handing over Ceremony of computers to UDs

    The date of 16th of February 2018 will be boldly written in the annals of the officials and especially students of the University of Dschang marking the handing over of the gift of computers to students from the Head of State, Presi...

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    Prestation de serment

    Les étudiants de l’UDs réaffirment leur adhésion aux idéaux qui gouvernent leur institution

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“Dschang” Celebrates centenary

UDs hosts Colloquium

Dschang, SIC/UDs 25/10/16. The University of Dschang, on the 25th of October launched a three day colloquium to celebrate the centenary of Dschang under the theme ‘Dschang: A centenary town”. The launching ceremony which began at 10.30 am at the Amphitheatre 1000 brou..

General Assembly of non-teaching staff

VC reassures staff of better working conditions

Dschang-SIC/UDs-18/10/16. The University of Dschang, on the 18th of October 2016 as part of activities marking the start of the 2016/2017 academic year organized a general assembly for the non-teaching staff. The meeting which started at 2.45 pm..

Le Prof. Roger Tsafack Nanfosso

Rentrée académique 2016/2017

UDs, cap sur la professionnalisation

Dschang, UDs/SIC – 18/10/2016. Le Recteur de l’Université de Dschang, Prof. Roger Tsafack Nanfosso, fait la lumière sur la professionnalisation dans l’institution qu’il dirige et ouvre des perspectives sur l’insertion des diplômés de son inst..

UDs General assembly of academic staff

2016/2017 Academic year resumption assured

Dschang-SIC/UDs-17/10/16. The 2016/2017 academic year of the University of Dschang (UDs) commenced in grand style with the general assembly of academic staff of the university in a view to evaluate the previous academic year and chart a way for anoth..

Assemblée Générale à l´UDs

Une rentrée du personnel en toute assurance

Dschang, SIC/17/10/2016. Le lundi 17 octobre 2017 s´est tenue l’Assemblée Générale du personnel enseignant de l’Université Dschang (UDs) dans la salle des spectacles et des conférences. Le recteur a amorcé son propos liminaire par le bri..

UDs hosts 1st Pan African Crystallography Conference

A Platform for Development

Dschang, SIC/UDs-06/10/16. The University of Dschang in its glamour hosted the 1st Pan African crystallography conference with the aim to maximise the scientific impact of crystallography for a sustainable development in Africa and in the developing world and make A..

1st Pan African Conference on Crystallography

VC lauds hosting initiative

Dschang-SIC/UDs-06/10/16. The Vice Chancellor during his launching speech wished that these initiatives be transformed into long term actions for a brighter future for African countries such as: improving teaching in basic crystallography through the successful co..

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