Handing over Ceremony of computers to UDs


Minister hands over awaited laptops

Dschang-UDs/SIC-16/02/18.The date of 16th of February 2018 will be boldly written in the annals of the officials and especially students of the University of Dschang marking the handing over of the gift of computers to students from the Head of State, President Paul Biya. The brief but highly symbolic ceremony began at 10.30 a.m. at the Amphi 1000 of the University of Dschang presided over by the Minister of Higher Education, Chancellor of Academic Orders, Prof. Jacques Fames Ndongo. During the ceremony attended by officials of the division, the Vice Chancellor Prof Tsafack Nanfosso expressed great joy for the presidential gifts offered. The Vice Chancellor equally made it known that it took 2 hours 14 minutes to bring out 3000 cartons of the PBHEV OF 30.000 Computers. The VC went out to trace the road taken by the University of Dschang to benefit from the gift. Prelude to this, the board chair of the university during the 35th and 36th board meeting sent letters of thanks to the Head of State for the gifts of computers. Stating that the ICT unit of the University and Institutes of Private learning under the tutelage of the University promptly carried out the enrollment procedure. During the last university games in Bamenda the VC highlighted on the press briefing he carried out on the level of progress so far by the government. On the 17th of May 2017 a temporal list of students were brought out with 350 corrections made while on the 23rd of June 2017, 2814 students got registered for the computers .He thanked the Minister of Higher Education for the success of the operation likening it to the prelude of a strong beginning and equally extended thanks for the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical sciences recently created.

Students delegate lauds the Head of State’s gesture

The event then proceeded with a word of thanks by a student, beneficiary of the computer who was no other but the president of the MUSEC Mr. Ebane Nsako Dejeanot. He thanked the Head of State for the 30.000 computers allocated for the University of Dschang “The didactic equipments were promised, we waited and here they are” he joyfully explained. With seven (7) trucks of computers offloaded, the student representative likened the gesture to the Head of State’s vision to prepare students for a better future. “Nowhere else has any Head of State granted computers to students, our Head of State says what he does and does what he says”. The president of the Musec, a beneficiary of the computers rounded up with a series of deep hearted ‘thank you’ to the Head of State on behalf of the university community for his immeasurable gesture.

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