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 Dschang,UDs/SIC-11/11/19.One of the outstanding moments during the 2019/2020 reopening ceremony of the academic year was the speech offered by the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Roger Tsafack Nanfosso. Before giving detailed information of the life of the University of Dschang, he gave the floor to the Pro-Chancellor of the University of Dschang, Prof. Paul Célestin Ndembiyembe who had the opportunity to address the institution for the first time after his appointment on July 11th 2019. With words of thanks, encouragement and commitment, the Council chair of UDs showed appreciation to the Head of State for his appointment, to the VC for making his work easy while encouraging all to continue to lift the standard of the University of Dschang through hardwork. On his part, he promised to be an advocate of the University of Dschang at all times and all places.

The Vice-Chancellor expressed joy to participate in another edition of the reopening ceremony of the academic year which is a moment to take resolutions and question past performances. With a university governed under Collective Dynamics which translates the will to work together to achieve expected results, the VC, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso outlined the vision, mission, values, principles and 8 pillars of the University of Dschang. Constituting 1/10 of the population of Dschang with 30.771 people including staff and students, the VC showed the need of all to work together. He gave details of the population of all the faculties and schools with the Faculty of Science at the top of the list with 8590 students. The VC was satisfied with the fact that the numerical growth of the institution reckons with quality as the number of students eligible for the presidential award have been going crescendo since the 2015/2016 academic year. He however frowned at the 112 cases of academic delinquency still registered during the past academic year believing that the 536 academic staff and 627 non-academic staff will continue to ensure that success at all levels is achieved within the institution. Indeed Prof. Nanfosso’s speech was about details, being an efficient leader concerned about every domain of his institution, he equally highlighted on the number of certificates achieved which were : DUT; 277, BTS; 450, Research bachelors; 2817, Professional Bachelors 1487, Masters Research; 1282, Professional Masters ;829 and PhD; 197 Doctorate/PhD certificates. The VC equally made mention of the rate of students who obtained jobs with certificates from UDs, statistics from CMS, number of lodging facilities under his institutions etc were all provided. At the end of the over 45 minutes of PowerPoint presentation of these facts, the feeling was that of satisfaction moreover for the 19399 PB/HEV laptops which will soon be distributed to students of his institution in addition to the 27403 laptops that were earlier distributed. The Project for the construction of the Digital center for University development programmed for the near future will in this case be of benefit for the laptop beneficiaries and the university community including the 4318 meritorious Masters and PhD students admitted for the 2019/2020 academic year. With these achievements that had equally been a source of pride to the Minister of States, Minister of Higher Education Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo through his encouragement and congratulatory messages to UDs, the VC the Staff and students through this reopening ceremony were galvanized to maintain the flag of success for UDs highly lifted during the 2019/2020 academic year. /GC

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