Unity and diversity


UDs to host Conference

Dschang.SIC/UDs-07/02/17. In the framework of  hosting scientific conferences to improve and propel reserach and academic excellence , the University of Dschang through the Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences will organise on Wednesday 8th February 2017 at 9:30 am in the University Auditorium of Campus A, a round-table conference on the theme Unity and diversity: diversed views on the co-existence in Cameroon”. This round table conference aims at exploring a collective and individual view point on the vision of a unified country in its diversity, democracy and emergence come 2035. The conference will be moderated by Prof Robert Fotsing Mangoua, scientific coordinator of the Dschang School of Arts and Social Sciences. The round table will have as guests :Prof Louise Bertin Amougou, specialist in literatures and cultures (essay on the definition and conditions of harmonious co-existence); Prof Nforbi Emmanuel, specialist in linguistics and languages (official bilingualism and multilingualism ,Institutional levers of benefit to Cameroon); Prof Alawadi Zelao, specialist in political sociology (The ethnical dynamics and anthropology in the construction of the nation). The general public and the university community in particular are expected to massively take part in this scientific and cultural animation of the campus of the University of Dschang. This is of course a step towards scientific and intellectual exchange on the methods of solidifying the unity and harmonizing the tenets that bind  Cameroonians /

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