UDs Students elections 2016/17

Students renew their executive organs

Dschang, UDs/SIC – 12/12/16. As is the tradition in the University of Dschang (UDs), student executive organs will be renewed for the current academic year. This year’s election is remarkable, at the level of mobilization and eligible voters. Contrary to the previous years, more than 96% of students have paid their fees this year, making them eligible to either contest or vote. At the thresholdof a free and fair elections,students are expected  to democratically elect  the best in the student governing bodies, including students associations in faculties/institutions, cultural clubs and MUSEC. The elections which are scheduled for Tuesday 13th December 2016 for students’ bodies (Associations) and Wednesday December 14th 2016 for cultural clubs and MUSEC is expected to take place under a placid and pacific atmosphere, typical of UDs over the years. /MRZ

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