Training seminar in Quality Assurance


A necessity to improve university governance

Dschang, UDs/SIC-22/05/18.The Francophonie Institute for University Governance (IFGU) is accompanying UDs to organize a seminar from the 22nd  to 25th of May 2018, on the impregnation and training in quality Assurance in the International House hall of GIE/SA at 9:00 am. This seminar  which brings  brought together over 37 participants from the University of Dschang and experts from the Francophonie University Agency, is geared at overcoming the challenges in university governance such as quality of training, research and governance, employability  and professional  insertion of certificates; reinforcement of the economic, social and cultural role in universities among others. The seminar will help equip participants with the vital competence necessary to implement the principles of quality approach in their various services. The event was presided over by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dschang represented by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of training professional training and promotion of ICT, Prof Mpoame Mbida. During a brief interview with media officials, the VC highlighted the need for the seminar and expectations from the participants. “The seminar is a necessity. It has to do with academic management which entails financial management, numerical management of all institutions. The essence of the seminar is to ensure that staff know what they are doing in accordance to laid down norms or better than the norms so that they can readjust. This being a new approach, people have to be trained and that is why we organized the seminar .I use this opportunity to thank the AUF ,Francophonie University Agency for the financial support and expertise; since some of the experts for the seminar come from the organization. My expectations from the participants is to ensure that they get acquainted to the best procedures and practices  to make our academic, financial and administrative management more productive”

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