The University Botanical Garden project, Tree and Ornamental’s nursery


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Dschang,UDs/SIC-25/07/20. Members of the Chancellery Board of the University of Dschang on the 25th, July 2020 made a first visit ever to the project sites of the Tree and Ornamental’s nursery and the Botanical Garden at the Campus A and G of the University. This tour was to have an appraisal of the preparatory phase of the project so far in prelude to the launching on the 8th August 2020. This institutional ambition which was nursed 6 months ago and received approval by the Chancellery Board covers a total of 13 hectares on which, trees, agro forestry, medicinal and bamboo plants will be planted.  As such members of the board led by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso, lecturers and students of the Department of Forestry under the Head of Department and Coordinator of the project, Prof Tchamba Martin paid a visit to the sites. This project is unique in that it will give room for training, research, serve as a touristic attraction and be a source of revenue for the institution. The Garden will serve as a platform for training and practical work for students.  It is hoped to serve as a research center where measurements and analyses could be done for scientific purposes. Alongside these aim is the leisure/touristic attraction role it will play in the Menoua Division, the region and nation at large.  The construction of a monument at the site and touristic guide will definitely also boast revenue collection for the institution. This dream therefore calls on the synergy of students, faculties, local community and hierarchy, a spirit already inculcated by the Vice Chancellor .It is important to note that within 3 months, 2000 holes have been dug and 600 seedlings planted already. With the launching, come 8th August 2020 there is hope to plant over 1000 seedling from the 18000 acquired from partners.

A host of partners already on board

The project has received support from a lot of interested partners such as the Ministry of Agriculture; PIDMA project has helped in setting up the nursery and the botanical garden so far. The International Network for Bamboo and Rattan) INBAR, a key partner, has funded the shade installed at the nursery and is helping to link the project in hosting the Regional Center for capacity building in Bamboo and Rattan. The project has also partnered with ICRAT, one of the World’s biggest Agro forestry Center and renown in its activities in Agro forestry, has donated 150 plants and offered technical expertise. The assessment of the project  has been carried out by ANAFOR (National Agency for the Development of Forestry Sector) . The project boost of a host of other private and financial institutions  .As such the  launching on the 8th will  cement communication with partners, help in monitoring and setting up infrastructure in the days ahead as well has forge for international funding./

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