Dschang,UDs/ SIC-12/02/2020.The 54th edition of the National Youth Day in Cameroon  was guided by the spirit of the theme  “Youth, peace ,decentralization and participation in local governance for a new Cameroon “. The youths in Dschang flooded the grandstand in a state of euphoria to showcase that the future of a new Cameroon can rest on the shoulders of young Cameroonians. As early as 9:00 am, the ceremonial ground was full to capacity  as different government officials in their different rankings  took their respective positions in the grandstand  . All the different schools around Dschang were represented from the Nursery, Primary, Secondary as well as Higher Institutions. At 10:00 am prompt the arrival of the Divisional Officer (D.O) for Dschang , Mr Mboke Godlive Ntua was saluted  by the different government officials already present. The D.O upon arrival respected the ritual of the National Anthem which was song before he had a grasp of his seat.  A rebroadcast of the speech   by the President of the Republic of Cameroon H.E Paul Biya was observed keenly. The message centered on key points and amongst several he talks of an emergent Cameroon by 2035 based on the tenents of Democracy, Decentralization, Local Governance, Peace, a Just and Prosperous Cameroon. The message from the Head of State coached courage into the hearts of young Cameroonians. This could be seen from the message tags and rythms of the different schools as they marched.  From the Nursery followed by the Primary schools. The message was one –patriotism, peace and bilingualism for a better Cameroon. Different Cultural groups graced the occasion as musical interludes from them revived the spirit of the audience. Secondary schools followed immediately and there after higher institutions. The University of Dschang, an icon in Central Africa was highly represented by its different faculties. A gaze at a distance revealed the university students in action with each Faculty carrying a banner with a  vibrant message. The different messages upheld the theme of this year’s youth day. The Faculty of Law and Political Science tagged a message “the university of Dschang  a platform for the training of youths on decision making and self-employment”  ,the Faculty of Science “ the implication of youths in local governance a gage for an emergent Cameroon by 2035”,the Faculty of Agronomy  and Agricultural Sciences  “Agronomic training ,platform of peace and Decentralization for a new and united Cameroon”  the Institute of Fine Arts of Foumban had as message “The University of Dschang, a building block for unity”. The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Science had as message “UDs, a centrepiece for participation in local governance for a new Cameroon” among other breath taking messages. Cultural groups then followed .A remarkable aspect here was the representation of all the cultures of the ten Regions in Cameroon which portrayed our unity in diversity, a peculiarity that is particular to the Nation Cameroon. Political Parties then followed suit to seal the march pass. The University of Dschang through is scintillating display has obviously put its imprint on the annals of the 2020 national youth day in Cameroon. LD


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