South Region administrators pay courtesy call


The Vice Chancellor and South region administrators in an exchange session

Projections on the extension of the UDs incubator project

Dschang-UDs/SIC-23/02/17. The  Mayor of Kye-ossi, Mr Bikoro Eneme  Alain and the Senior Divisional Officer of the Vallée du Ntem division, Mr Baorou Alim Jean Roger of the South Region paid a courtesy visit to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Dschang  at 9.00 am on the 23rd of February 2017.This brief call under the auspices of the Director of Student’s Affairs,  Mr. Ebendeng Valere was geared towards discussing the views of  a framework agreement for empowering youths of the border town through  an exchange program with the university of Dschang via the UDs incubator project of the GIE/UDs. It is worth noting that the Chancellery council of the University made a brief stop at kye-ossi during the launching of the 2016/2017 sporting session of the university. During the exchange session, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso called on the administrators to facilitate border research through access to information in different fields for students and lecturers who came from the University of Dschang. He assured the guests that all will be put in place to lay out modalities in areas of development for the incorporation of the youths of kye-ossi into the incubator project guided by the university. The mayor stated that such a project will boost local economy and improve entrepreneurial skills in the youths of that area. He added that such a bond with the University will create cohesion, harmony and banish differences between the youths despite their different educational levels. The exchange session also brought out the values of the zone of three frontiers and the advantages of free circulation between the boarding nations.

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