Round Table Conference


UDs Women show proof of academic excellence

Dschang,UDs/SIC-05/03/19.The women of the University of Dschang debunked the stereotype that women are only good for the kitchen when they portrayed their academic know-how through a roundtable organized as part of activities of launching ceremony. With eight panelists with different specialties like economics, law etc the women thrilled the crowd present through their different presentations. Drawing inspiration from the national theme of the year ‘Crusade against inequalities: Committing to the new impetus’ the panelists all developed sub-themes with didactic elements to enable women understand ideas governing them and their day. The moderator of the debate Dr. Mbeyo Nguelifack gave room to the first speaker of the day Prof. Watcho Rolande who gave measures Cameroon has put in place to fight against discrimination and inequalities practiced upon women. She however called upon women to develop a change of mentality and pleaded for a precise family code to fight the existent inequalities still experienced by some women. The other panelist who presented their papers were, Dr. Kamgang Christelle who spoke on ‘Women and Management of Humanitarian Crises’, Dr. Veraline Minang on ‘United Nations and the Promotion of Women’s Rights’, Dr. Tchoupe Rosy on ‘Women and Innovation’, Dr. Kakeu on ‘Equality and socio cultural practices’, Mme Kenne Helene on ‘Rural Women and productivity’ and lastly ‘Women and Climate Change’ by Mme Judith of the Central Service/UDs. These women brilliantly gave ample information in the aforementioned domains culminating to the fact that women have the ability to achieve much in various domains, though the nation and international bodies have been involved in bringing in mitigating factors, much still has to be done by women to assert themselves in the society. A time was reserved for questions from which satisfactory answers were given. Other activities scheduled for the women’s week include Carnaval, Recurrent talk on recurrent illnesses, Clean-up campaign at the central services and faculties, Training sessions, Football and handball matches, Gastronomy day with exhibition of dishes from the ten regions of Cameroon, Cultural evening and the march pass to crown the week on March 8th./ GC


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