Prof Ngomo Horace Manga


A new challenge as Vice chancellor in Buea

Dschang SIC/UDs-29/06/17. Prof Ngomo Horace Manga is the new Vice chancellor of the first distinctive Cameroonian Anglophone University. He was appointed by the Head of State, H.E Paul Biya, on Tuesday 27th June through presidential decree no 2017/318 of 27 June 2017.  Before his appointment he was the Secretary General at the Ministry of Higher Education, a post he occupied for five years. Hitherto the post of secretary general, Prof Horace Manga was technical adviser to the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, a post he held since September 2011. Prof. Ngomo Horace Manga, is an Associate Professor of Applied Chemical Engineering. He obtained his PhD from the University of Lagos in 1990. He hails from the Ndian division of the South West region .He has numerous publications and has co-authored many books. His arrival in the University of Buea comes at a time when the student strike of last November 28, 2016 slowed the pace of academic activities and led to much unrest in this citadel of knowledge. His appointment comes at a time when the University of Buea, a place to be needs a compliant and friendly university community to ascend the ladder of excellence and get back on the academic track. His years of experience at top positions in the management of higher education can be considered a square peck in a square hole in a university that needs such prowess. Prof. Ngomo Horace Manga replaces Prof .Nalova Lyonga as Vice chancellor who occupied the position since June 2012 and goes on retirement. (Source,

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