New Year Wishes 2018


Key points of the ceremony

Dschang –UDs/SIC-13/02/18.The traditional ceremony of the presentation of New Year wishes to the Vice Chancellor, Prof Tsafack Nanfosso saw a new face on February 13th 2018. In the Amphitheater 1000, full with lecturers and other academic authorities, the double event which commenced at 10.30 a.m. was marked by salient points which included recognition of meritorious staff, installation of newly promoted staff and speeches.  The ball was set rolling by the DAAF, Prof Wansi Sylvie who on behalf of the university appreciated the work of the 21 staff retired during the year 2017. The DAAF then proceeded to present the 8 distinguished staff from the different faculties and central service who made positive difference through their hard work, punctuality and assiduity. A token of 25,000 FRS and a certificate were given to these meritorious workers while the retired staffs were entitled to a month’s salary. The DCOU, Mr. Ebendeng Valere, then presented the newly appointed general student delegates. This phase which was an innovation during the New year wishes ceremony equally had two main clubs introduced in all universities nationwide which included the CEMAC club and the Integrity and Ethic Club brought in by the anti-corruption agency, CONAC. The 7 delegates including the President of the MUSEC were officially made known to the public. The turn then came for lecturers who had changed grades presented by Prof. Jules Kouesso, representative of the DAAC, Prof Wanda Robert. A total number of 14 lecturers in their beautiful robes, 12 promoted to the rank of Associate Professor and 2 to the rank of full Professor received congratulatory handshakes from the Vice Chancellor. Dr. Alexandre Djimeli crowned the first phase of the ceremony read the presidential decree appointing three academic authorities, The Technical Adviser, The DIPD and the Dean of Faculty of Medicine and pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Dschang/GC

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