Languages, Culture and ICT Fused


The Dept. of African studies/UDs organizes workshop

Dschang SIC/UDs 17/11/16. The Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences through the Department of African studies in line with the initiative of the School of Rural Electronics in African languages known in its French acronym as ERELA organized a 5 day training workshop from the 17th to the 21st of November 2016 on how to build videos for courses online. This workshop which is taking place at the International House of the University Campus A was initiated since 2011 and is coordinated by Dr Kouesso Jean Romain. It involves the participation of students at the Masters and PhD levels, lecturers and those who teach national languages on how to build videos for online courses and the digitalization of the indigenous languages. This event is a continuation of the workshop held on June 2015 and it merges the link between national languages and the ICT world in our modern era. The main objective is to give participants the opportunity to conceive and produce digital teaching resources in African languages thus fusing Languages, culture and ICT. This platform will highlight certain domains of interest such as historical African personalities, architecture, clothing, food, dance and online multilingual journal in African languages. Participants at the workshop are expected to write and be fluent in their mother tongue, possess a laptop and be registered. The training workshop is facilitated by Lydie Seuleu, an ICT Engineer who is at the center of the training sessions.

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