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Bandjoun UDs/SIC-19/12/17.In a brief chat with media officials  during the kick off of the International conference held at UIT/FV in Banjoun on the 19th December 2017, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Dschang, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso highlighted that the 3 day international conference was a platform to improve on the employment rate of students through marketable training and attests to the fact that such a podium will give room for partnership with enterprises as well as upgrade the creative minds of the students

“…  this is the second time University institutes of technology and Colleges of technology gather together to organize an international conference in order to build a better technological spectrum for our students. It is a base for those who can speak scientifically and those who can speak practically especially those from enterprises to help train students to be marketable or be self-employed. The Vice Chancellor also stated that this exchange session offers  room for enterprises to discuss and come out with resolutions “…So it is very important that at the end of this conference participants should come out with resolutions and positive recommendations that can broaden the student’s horizon towards technological development.  The functional activities of the conference will boost innovation as well as set bases for students to meet potential employers”. It is worth noting that with over 22 partners and sponsors alongside private institutions of higher learning enormous contributions will be met towards the development of technology through applicable resolutions and recommendations after the international conference. It is hoped that on the 21st of December, the outcome of the various workshops and exchange session will not only harmonize technological innovations but set the stage for the ascension of the Cameroonian graduate in the field of technology /.



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