International Labour Day 2017

UDs during the march pass

UDs during the march pass

UDs in magnificent display

Dschang SIC/UDs-01.05/17.The 131st Edition of the International Labour Day was celebrated in high gear at the Dschang ceremonial ground this day May 1st 2017. Gathered under the theme ‘Social Dialogue economic growth and social cohesion’;  workers of the public and private sector turned out in great numbers carrying befitting items that ranged from agricultural stuff; artistic works; food commodities etc revealing the nature of their work. At the debut of the ceremony at 10 a.m. the Senoir Divisional Officer  of the Menoua division Mr. Balungeli Confiance Ébune Who was taking part in the ceremony for his first time since his appointment at the helm of the division in March; Offered awards to meritorious staff from different services with 9 personnels of the University of Dschang recieving medals. The March pass then followed as workers from different structures in colourful attire revealing diversity marched through the ceremonial ground under the watchful eyes of the SDO and other high administrative officers of the Division.  The University of Dschang as in the previous years made its presence felt by their massive attendance. Dressed in their white and orange university material; and guided by music offered by the university fanfare; the approximately 500 staff of the university including representatives from their branches of CRESA; IUT/Fotso Victor and the Bafia Annex joined their colleagues in Dschang for a joyful celebration marching majestically with their banner ‘The University of Dschang; Temple of Excellence and Quality’ equity and social justice. The University security agents were equally present to celebrate the international labour with the university.

UDs staff being entertained to exquisite meal at the end of the ceremony

This moment of solidarity and unity was again cemented at the University Restaurant A where a sumptuous meal was offered them by the Vice chancellor Prof. Tsafack Roger Nanfosso. Accompanied by his close collaborators of the Chancellery council, the VC expressed happiness for the staff and called on them to remain steadfast in their work and the need to embrace social dialogue. The ceremony was in deed grandeurs as the working community of the University of Dschang retired to their various homes ready to continue in the spirit of collective dynamism and hard work.

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