FSMP/UDs organizes its 1st competitive examination



744 Candidates sit-in for the Biomedical Science exams

Dschang, UDs/SIC-31/08/18. The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Dschang organized its first competitive entrance examination into the first year of the Biomedical Science field which was previously written under the Faculty of Sciences. 468 candidates sat in for the examination in the University of Dschang campus and 276 candidates in the University of Yaoundé I Campus respectively. During a brief interview with the Dschang University Radio, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Prof Choukem Simeon Pierre assured all of the effective mobilization of staff before and during the examination to ensure a hitch-free examination and as well the publication of future results by the Minister of Higher Education.  The dean stated that although it was the 5th time the exam was written, there was recognizable support from the Faculty of Sciences in terms of human resources and experience. The examination was prompt as the rains did not perturb the session, by 7.30 a.m students and staff were all present at the campus to kick start the examinations with the roll call. The two centers started the 3hour examination at a synchronized time of 9.00 am and 9.20 am respectively. .… Before the kickoff we had an attendance of 99% and all went on smoothly… the Dean stated. The written session that comprised of physics, chemistry and biology and it is hoped that candidates who successfully pass the exams will be part of the crop of scientist to elevate the university to higher heights come 2018/2019./

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