Dschang – Cologne


Cologne - Prof Tsafack Nanfosso à l'ouverture de l'école d'été.

‘We want to better rationalize our relations with the universities of excellence in Germany…’

Prof. Roger Tsafack Nanfosso, VC, University of Dschang/ […] Our presence at the University of Cologne is a logical consequence of a partnership that we initiated two years ago with the visit of a delegation from your university to Dschang, from the 27th September to the 02nd October 2015. Professors Konrad Brockmeir and Jürgen Hescheler, as well as Drs. Stefan Bildhauer and Filomain Nguemo, presented the University of Cologne and its most important aspects in a very detailed manner. This, of course, caught our interest and attention. From that visit, my staff and I are convinced that together we can build a better and meaningful tomorrow […] In reality, we want to better rationalize our relations with the universities of excellence in Germany and the University of Cologne appears here as the most complete metaphor of these universities. It should be noted that in the past many of our students and researchers have benefited from training opportunities in Germany and scholarships from Germany. Some 30 of our lecturers have already received German scholarships: 13 of them are funded by the Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation and 11 by the German University Cooperation Office. The University of Dschang, through its German studies programs, regularly gives German students and lecturers the opportunity to enrich their international and particularly African experience while giving our students the benefit of their knowledge. Now, for example, a readership of German animated by a reader and an assistant works in our institution. By strengthening our relations with German universities in the social sciences and humanities, this cooperation is expected to diversify, particularly in the fields mentioned above. It must above all be better organized and better monitored, according to clear programs and objectives which draw from our development strategies. The University of Cologne and the University of Dschang are places where this offensive and collective dynamic university cooperation will be tested […]

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