Don’t work alone…


VC reminds newly appointed of task ahead

Dschang UDs/SIC-16/03/18.During his installation speech which was very bilingual in nature, the Vice Chancellor, Prof Roger Tsafack reminded the newly appointed staff of the task ahead and underscored the view that the appointment was not haphazardly done, “they were not picked randomly” the VC stated. He enjoined them to exhibit their talents in the various posts they were appointed to and join in consciously meeting up with the mission of Higher Education governance. He invited the newly appointed to draw substantial amount of lessons from their immediate environment by effectively working hand-in-glove with their collaborators and hierarchy. The head of the institution reiterated to staff of the values of team work “don’t work alone, use the force of your collaborators and hierarchy”. Prof Tsafack stated that the installation ritual makes them part of the salt that makes the soup taste well. He highlighted the need for the staff to join in the distribution of the remaining 2516 laptops to students of the different faculties and to improve on the university’s ranking and performance  in the forth coming university games slated for the 4th to the 11th May 2018. Prof Tsafack, assured staff of future solutions to resolve the difficulties they were faced with. He said discussions with the Minister of Higher Education were ongoing and possible solutions to lecturers’ complaint was in the pipeline. He emphasized on the need to apply the existing text in all administrative decision and called on staff to be patient while assuring them of the support of the collective dynamic spirit to ensure that they achieve their goals. The ceremony ended with presentation of bouquets  to the newly promoted staff by family members . These crop of staff are of course ready to join the bandwagon of excellence of the institution.


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