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Operation Headcount of State personnel

Dschang,UDs/SIC-27/04/18.The SDO of Menoua Division Mr. BALUNGELI CONFIANCE EBUNE held an information meeting on Friday April 27th 2018 with the media in the conference hall of divisional office. Speaking at the meeting, the SDO thanked the media present for honoring the invitation and stated that the aim of the meeting was to enlighten the public on the “operation headcount” of state personnel instituted by the Head of State and implemented by the Ministry of Finance and introduced Mr. ONDOUA FREDERICK who is mandated by the minister of finance to coordinate the operation in the West region.

The operation is being carried out due to an increase in the salary wage that has more than tripled from 2006 up to date. The operation will enabled the government fish-out from the public service absentee workers, undeclared deaths, ghost workers among others. As per the operation proper here in Menoua division, a 13 man team has been deployed by the Ministry of Finance to carry out the counting process that will last for three months notably from the 26th of April to the 26th of June 2018. The targeted public here in Dschang is that of civil servants and state agents who whose salaries are paid by the following Banks: Afriland first bank, BICEC, SCB Bank, First Trust, and the Treasury.

Worthy of note is the fact the main headcount site for DSCHANG is BICEC bank. More so, irrespective of the domiciliation of one’s account, a civil servant or state agent can carry out the census everywhere across the national territory. Furthermore, salary is not conditioned the census for one can collect his/ her salary before carrying out the census, but then those of the workers who by the 11th of July 2018 have not gone through the process will simply have their salary cut off.

The documents required for the counting operation are

* Photocopy of the national identity card

* Attestation of effective service signed by the competent authority less than three months earlier (original)

* Color passport size photograph

* Photocopy of the recruitment instrument

* photocopy of the most recent reclassification or incremental position (where applicable)

* photocopy appointment instrument (where applicable)

* Recruitment instrument for civil servants

* Integration instrument for contract workers

* incorporating instrument or professional card for the military

* Certified copy of the receipt of the identity card (for those still waiting the issuing of the identity card)

The headcount operation is applicable only for active civil servants and contract workers and those not concern retirees and traditional rulers. DT

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