UDs to host 1st International workshop

Dschang UDs/SIC-25/01/18.The Faculty of Economics and Management from the 29th to the 30th of January 2018 will host an international workshop organized for the first time in Africa by the Third World Association in partnership with the University of Luxemburg and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) on development economy with the theme “the pertinence of public development policies in sub-Saharan African countries”. This workshop brings together over 30 researchers from different countries such as France, Belgium, and some African countries like Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Morocco, and Cameroon among others. The workshop is aimed at valorizing the importance of public policies in our African economic context through international institutions’ view and strategies. It is worth noting that economic public policy consists of all the interventions that the state can realize in its economic activities in order to orientate its economic activities in a justifiable and accepted economic stand.  In a traditional economic system as stated by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Prof Avom Desiré in a brief interview, two views exist on the concept; one that relies solely on market forces and does not see the importance of public policies and on the other hand the concept that solely relies on state intervention. The workshop gears towards advocating a synthesis of the two views a situation where the state intervenes alongside market forces examples of such fusion is the State’s educational plan where the private sector helps the government boost the educational sector. Areas of discussion during the workshop will center on education, questions on health and policies aimed at ensuring its implementation. The University of Dschang considers it a prime value to host such an international workshop in its campus and its management through the effective coordination of the Vice Chancellor has assured that all hands are put on deck for the preparation of the scientific workshop.

The Choice of UDs to host

Speaking with the Dean of the faculty, Prof Avom Desiré highlighted the view that the choice of the hosting emanated first from the fact that the dean himself is a member of the scientific council of the Third world Association and also for the fact that their application for candidature to host the event was approved. It is worth noting that the University had competitors from some European countries. UDs credible national and international rankings and its scientific potential and the fact that they have economists at the helm of the institutions stood out bringing obvious reasons why the university was granted the privilege to host the event.

Preparations on gear

Under the collective dynamism of the Vice Chancellor, all has been put in motion to ensure a smooth hosting of the workshop. There is a strong mobilization of staff   at the faculty level; all designated commissions are ensuring that their activities and responsibilities are executed effectively. Transportation of the participants has been assured as vehicles have been put in place to receive the various participants from the airport on Saturday in Douala and an inter-city transportation system put in place to ensure smooth movements of participants during the two days. To guarantee a pleasurable reception of participants, a guided tour to the historical town of Foumban on the 31st of January 2018 has been programmed. Some of the participants have accepted to give scientific talks to the PhD students on Thursday 1st    February 2018 to further boost the scientific spectrum of the university. It is worthy to mention that the workshop has many partners such as BEAC, MINEPAT, GICAM, among others. Students of the post graduate school of the faculty and the general public will be presented during plenary sessions by guest speakers and testimonies. Prof Bekolo Ebe among other key academic dons will animate the workshop. This event is first of its kind in the University and definitely a pivot to project excellence./



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