Ceremony of Proclamation of Annual Results for 2019-2020 Academic year


UDs closes as scheduled

31/08/20 –UDs/SIC The ceremony took place on the 29th of August 2020 at the Amphi theatre1000 from 10.00 am to 2 .00pm. The closing ceremony at UDs is always a special occasion because it brings together the entire university corp ;students from all levels,Administrative personnels as well as lecturers in their different rankings and academic echelons.The ceremony was chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of UDs Prof. Roger Tsafack Nanfosso .A welcome speech  was presented from the Deputy Vice- Chancellor, Prof Jean Njoya who recognised and saluted the presence of everyone who honoured the the August invitation that marked the official closing of academic activities at UDs. He stated that the academic year was a difficult one because of the pandemic as he presented the University which had 643 lecturers, 521 non-teaching staff and 41 private institutions under the mentorship of UDs with 38 active for the moment. He mentioned that UDs is the first university in the sub Region. General presentation of Faculties was done by Prof Wanda Robert who stated the fact that despite the pandemic.  the pace of academic activities,the spirit of collective dynamism implored by UDs  under the watchful eyes of the V.C ensured that , these activities were not totally jeopardized.He reiterated that UDs is a place to be as it attracts both National and International attention . The academic year 2018-2019 had 29537 students with 919 International students as against an increase to 29957 with 1950 International   students for the year 2019-2020.There was a significant increase of about 1.4% ; 420 National students and 69% of Intertionational students at UDs. With regards to the first phase of the special recruitement by the President of the Republic and a numerical replacement that followed, the University of Dschang today counts a total number of 643 lecturers, 178 assistant lecturers, 243 senior lecturers, 156 Associate Professors and 66 full professors. Comparatively, this has rated the success at UDs for this academic year above 70% as against 60% in the last academic year.Through out the course of the year,UDs delivered 23643 certificates with a total number of 167 Ph.D Candidates. What was remarkable about this year’s ceremony was that the first students from different Faculties and levels received awards and scholarships granted them by Orange Cameroon. A detailed presentation of the results of the different Faculties followed suit by the Deans and Directors of Faculties and schools who all expressed gratututde to both the teaching and non –teaching staff whose efforts ensured the the proclamation of these results. This was followed by presentation of results of Private institutions under the supervision of UDs.Presentation of International awards received by UDs  was done by the Secretary General, Professor Guy Mvelle Mifenda.He presented the beneficiaries of these awards ;students and lecturers of different levels and Faculties who represented UDs at the International scene. The second phase of his speech was a letter of congratutions addressed by the Vice-Chancellor to the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management Science, Professor Um NGOUEM Marie Therese .Then came the closing speech of the Vice chancellor who reminded the audience of the last meeting held on the 26th July 2019 at the Conference where in, it was decided that the official closing of this academic year was scheduled to take place on the 29th of July 2020. He regretted that this was not possible due to the pandemic.He however, revealed that with the efforts of both students and lecturers, the year was still a success. Expressing thanks to God, the V.C says UDs has recorded no dead as a result of the pandemic .He congratulated the University of Dschang for their produce which has rated them far above other prestigeous Universties around the world .It was a joint effort of students,Administrative personnels and lecturers thanks to the spirit of collective dynamism. Commenting on the efforts of Orange Cameroon to support UDs.He mentioned that online classes were successful  and that the Universty is thankful for the scholarship awards granted to the students of  UDs by Orange Cameroon. He mentioned that the academic year has a beginning and has an end. He presented International awards to UDs from different International platforms like the Socrates Committee that designated UDs as the Best Regional University in the Science and Educational sphere.These awards were in the form of a trophy, certificate and a diploma that rates UDs first position for a period of three years. The ceremony ended with snapshots and an interview granted by the V.C to the media./LD

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