CATI2 Start-up week


The laureates are unveiled

Dschang UDs/SIC-10/11/17.The reopening ceremony of the 2017/2018 academic year had as one of its key points the presentation of results of the CATI2 start-up challenge week. After undergoing a week long activities which started on the 5th of November with training sessions for the 20 selected projects after a 7 month program, a press conference was held on the 9th of November during which Prof Tchamba, Coordinator of CATI2 gave vital information to the national and International media about UDs-CATI2. This was followed by an event at the university auditorium during which the project bearers in the presence of a jury and the representative of the VC, Prof Mpoame Mbida had five minutes to inform and convince  them of the pertinence of their projects in a contest tagged ‘Pitch fire’. During the reopening ceremony of the academic year, Prof Tchamba presented the 11 winners who received their awards from the authorities present. The first price was grapped by Kalla Nicheu Guy Landry, former student of IUT Bandjoun who would work on implanting and anaerobic bio-digester for the production of biogas from organic waste material. This talented student who had equally received a prize from the past buy tramadol pain relief University games in Bamenda was also given during the reopening ceremony, a special prize by the Vice Chancellor. The lone female laureate, a student by name Kamsu, received the 3rd price to facilitate her work on ‘The Use of recycle paper to produce jewelry and dressing accessories’. It is worth noting that the funds given are refundable after three years at a zero percent interest rate.

Prof. Tchamba Martin, Coordinator UDs-Cati2

  Mentors like Arthur Zang, manufacturer of CadioPad and Mireille Kooh, CEO of ADPM who had accompanied the project bearers during the week equally gave a word off encouragement to the youths during the occasion. A partnership agreement between the University of Dschang represented by its Vice Chancellor and the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education represented by its Secretary General was also signed to strengthen the laudable work offered by CATI2. There is no doubt that the reopening ceremony of the 2017/2018 academic year has certainly set the way for the great achievements expected through the spirit of collective dynamism./GC


Download PDF file on Cati2 presenation of Cati2-UDs challenge start-up week 2017 CATI2 UDS CHALLENGE START UP WEEK 2017 final

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