Annual Coordination Meeting of UDs and PIHL


 10 resolutions to foster academic prowess

Dschang,UDs/SIC-22/06/19. The 38 private institutions of learning under the mentorship of the University of Dschang on Friday 21st June 2019 at the Chancellery conference held their general Annual Coordination meeting to analyze and present the report of the state of execution of the previous resolutions and recommendation of the coordination meeting of 2018/2019. The Vice-Chancellor during his opening word stated that the meeting was a venue to exchange experiences on the relationship between UDs and the private institutions under its mentorship. He however appreciated the evaluation process carried out by UDs on the institutions of private learning on the 11th October 2018 and stated that  UDs mentored 38 institutions  with 9 in the West region,1 in the East and South West,14 in the Littoral ,8 in the center and 2 in the North West Region. With the Faculty of Economics and Management having 25, IUT-17, FASA-13, FS-7, FLSH-5, FSJP-2, IBAF-1, and FSMP 2. He exhorted the harmonized relationship between UDs and the institutions highlighting that UDs managed 5428 students in total from all the institutions of Private learning. Nonetheless he called on all institutions under tutelage not to institute academic programmes not validated by the University of Dschang’ council board and emphasized on the need to improve in quality assurance in teaching. The Representative of PIHL, Louis Marie Njambou, proprietor of IUG in his speech assured UDs of the collaboration of the institutions and hoped for a good working session with fruitful resolutions. At the end of the exchange session 11 resolutions and a recommendation  were taken bordering on PIHL which have been evaluated positively to present an evaluation report ,a formal request to renew their partnership with UDs, not to implement programmes not validated by UDs, the DAAC was to produce and communicate effectively the academic calendar to the PIHL, UDs was to provide documents to the PIHL such as 2005 Presidential decree relative to the tuition fee and the number of the bank accounts, likewise a note form the VC. Among other resolutions aimed at improving the academic relations between UDs and its 38 institutions the meeting ended with complete satisfaction from the institutions. The VC at the end called the institutions to attend the proclamations of results scheduled for July 26th 2019.

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