Administrative Board meeting


The 35th Edition of the Budgetary Session of UDs

The Chancellery conference hall plays host to the 2016 Edition of the budgetary session of the University of Dschang. This is the first time the board chair presides over the budgetary session at the month of December to examine the project performance of the institution and the budget of the forth coming year.

In his introductory speech, The Board chair outlined remarkable activities carried out in the University of Dschang between the last Board meeting of the 12th October 2016 and that of today. He equally traced the perspectives for which he will like this session to follow; adoption of the agenda of the day, adoption of resolutions of the 34th session of the board meeting of the 12th of august 2016, the adoption of resolutions and recommendation of the University Senate meeting of 19th December 2016, execution of the 2016 budget exercise, evaluation of the performance of the University of Dschang and the 2017 budget, other matters.

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