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Rector launches UDs 39th Edition of the International Women’s Week

Dschang, SIC/UDs/05/03/24. The official launching ceremony of the 39th Edition of the International Women’s week in the university of Dschang which had as theme ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’ was celebrated at the Joseph FONDJO Auditorium of the Campus A in grandestlye. The week is marked by a cluster of activities which include fitness walk, environmental clean-up campaign, educative and health talks among others. This vibrant ceremony held on the 5th March 2024 was under the patronage of the Rector of the University of Dschang, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso, and coordinated by Prof Wansi Sylvie Lea Coordinator of the International Women Day in the University of Dschang.

During her thank you message on behalf of the Women of UDs, Prof Wansi highlighted the undiluted support of the Rector to the activities and welfare of women in the university. She expressed the satisfying feeling of the spirit of collective dynamics translated in the appointments and posts held by female staff in the university. For the past 9 years he has been in support of all our activities and never relented to ensure our welfare. He has been at the Center carrying along all the women of his institution to higher heights she stated. She presented the two colours of the fabrics (rose and green) to the Rector and emphasized on value and interpretation of the year’s fabric. Students from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences of UDs followed suit to offer a remarkable performance on the management of cardiovascular crisis with a practical demonstration.

The Rector during his speech lauded the collective dynamics in motion which was predominantly fuelled by the female staff of the university. He likened the design of the years’ fabrics to symbolize a depiction of the Mother of humanity. Prof Roger Tsafack reiterated that if women decide to make a place habitable then it’s worth habiting .women need to be noticed, recognised, encouraged and supported. Full of respect and admiration for the determining role of women in society, the Rector stressed the importance of recognizing and promoting the achievements of women within the university and beyond. Highlighting the importance of education, emancipation and the expression of female talents, he underlined the pivotal role of women in building a just and balanced society. While encouraging women to be examples at their places of work, the Rector’s vision at making UDS remain a citadel of excellence during this international day of the women.

Before the launching ceremony , over 350 female staff and guests were educated  on methods of Contraception, family planning, menopause; a presentation  from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences  and  a Sensitization talk on the basic rights of Women  , presented  by the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences. The launching of the week’s activity brought new glamour to the Women’s event .The ceremony ended with a family picture and a cocktail offered to participants.