53rd edition of the National Youth day


UDs joins the clarion call

Dschang,UDs/SIC-11/02/19. Over 640 students of the University of Dschang joined the youths of the Menoua Division to celebrate the 53rd edition of the National Youth Day with the theme “Youth, Great Opportunities and Participation in Building a Peaceful, Stable and Emerging Cameroon” . At the Dschang Official ceremonial ground where the event took place, the Head of State’s Speech which reiterated the need for peace and stability emphasizing the role of youths in the development landscape was rebroadcasted. The march pass proper showcased the colourful display of pupils and students of schools, institutions, organizations, political parties, social and cultural groups. The songs and banners carried by the pupils and students during the event reechoed their commitment to uphold peace and subscribe for a stable nation. Students from the CEMAC zone kick started the march. The participation of the University of Dschang was filled with the usual decorum and panache. The various faculties and institutes alongside clubs and cultural groups garnished the march pass.  The striking part of the march pass were the messages carried by the vibrant students of the institution. Some of the messages included; Students  of the University of Dschang,  pillar of the state of Cameroon, CATI2 and Fonduds, locomotive of the great opportunities of the youth, Emergence and prosperity towards our desire for peace and unity, UDs, le temple de l’excellence et de la qualité, UDs the place to be for the youths to benefit from the great opportunities, Great opportunity with a second generation agriculture for a peaceful, stable and emerging Cameroon,

Les jeunes Docteurs de l’UDs remercient le Chef de L’État S.E Paul Biya, Jeunesse de la Dynamique Collective de l’UDs un exemple pour un Cameroun stable et émergent, UDs un laboratoire de la diversité pour un Cameroun Uni et Émergent among other  very touching messages. One key striking factor during the march pass was the presentation of the Olympic vase to the public, indicating the hosting of the 22nd edition of the University games in Dschang. The students and youths of the university are poised to adhere to the clarion call by the Head of State so that Cameroon can be stable, unified and emergent./

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