51st Edition of the national youth day


The march pass of students of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences during the 51st edition of the national day

UDs celebrate with grandeur

Dschang UDs/SIC/11/02/17.The 51st edition of the National youth day was celebrated in the Menuoa Division in grand style where the youths of the division showcased their talents and youthfulness in their march pass under the theme « Youth and the Challenges of building an exemplary, indivisible, strong and emergent Nation ». The ceremony which commenced at 10.am prompt was followed by the rebroadcast of the Head of State’s message to the youth. During the broadcast, the message of solidarity, unity, constructive dialogue, promotion of bilingualism and multiculturalism was echoed as President Paul Biya called on youths to play an active part in development “each of you is a star in our sky”. The Head of State also spoke on the 1.2b CFA, 3 year plan support fund for youths from the ages of 15-35 annually in agriculture and digital economy.  After listening to the president’s speech the parade proper kick started with the nursery, primary, secondary, tertiary, cultural, political, professional institutions among others. In the chants and messages echoed by the various groups and schools marching, were views on bilingualism, peace, unity, among other virtues aimed at unifying the youths of the country.

The University of Dschang in its usual display of charisma carried various banners that depicted its value and its contribution and support for an emergent nation such as “The University of Dschang, temple of excellence and quality”. The Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences in their display carried a banner University of Dschang for an exemplary strong and indivisible Cameroon, a cross section of the students from the cartography discipline displaying their orange outfit to the amazement of the public. The Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences wore a blue and white tracksuit. This was followed by the Faculty of Economics and Management (FSEG) with their banner Bilingualism and multiculturalism the Cameroonian identity, while the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences in their usual green robes had the message, National youth on a common front fighting against division, the Faculty of Sciences represented by students of Mines and petroleum and Biomedical disciplines bore the message “I am first, above all a Cameroonian.” The Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences in their usual manner were in their working outfits and had the message; Stamping out division is a high way to an emerging Cameroon. This year as the previous year recorded a massive participation of the university’s, institutions, antennae and annex  as CRESA (white and blue sportswear) ,IUT/FV, Bandjoun (in their black suits),IBAF ,Foumban (colorful loin outfit, showcasing arts) and the annex of Bafia were adequately represented. There is high hope that the University of Dschang will continue to play its dominant role of inculcating in its youths the spirit of togetherness and the entrepreneurship which is vital to the emergence of the nation come 2035.


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