3 day Colloquium ends


Participants satisfied with results

Dschang, SIC/UDs-27/10/16. The three day colloquium under the theme Dschang: A centenary town ended with satisfaction from the participants and partners as the platform for rewriting the history of the legendary town was achieved. During the closing ceremony which took place at the Amphi 1000 at 11.pm, the Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance (FEICOM) a partner during the colloquium led by its Regional Director, Mr. Sali Souaibou outlined the mission, history and evolution of the organisation. Mr. Sali Souaibou, in his presentation highlighted that it is geared at reinforcing decentralization in the country and facilitating negotiations, partnerships and redistribution of financial resources to the national territory in line with its relative population. The Regional Director outlined that the organisation works on the development of participatory monitoring of municipal projects guides, assistance and advice of decentralized and inter-municipal cooperation and that the monitoring and evaluation of community projects. The Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences, Prof Tsalefack Maurice acknowledged that the scientific gathering will position the university on the ladder of excellence. He stated that the results from the exchange sessions with the speakers will create a platform to educate curious students, enlighten students from different disciplines and be a pivot for scientific research. The Vice Chancellor in his closing speech stated that the town was one of the rare towns in the country to be administered by different colonial powers. He appreciated the slogan of the university and emphasised that the university is the heartbeat of the town. The VC concluded by adding that the concrete resolutions and recommendations made during the colloquium will evoke new questions and areas for further research.

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