Spotlight at UG 2017


Display of arts at the Game Village

Game Village illuminates

Bamenda –SIC/UDs-24/04/17.The 2017 edition of the University games in the North West Region, Bamenda is on and one of the eye catching events this session offers is the Market village. Situated at the edge of the University campus just below the magnificently built Olympic stadium is one of the must-visited areas hosting a good number of tents owned mostly by food vendors. The most common menu in this gastronomic display are meals like fufu-corn and njama njama, water fufu and eru, achu which are the stable meals of grass field area of the region. These dishes are welcoming to the numerous participants and visitors at affordable prices of a thousand frs per plate or less in some stands, the market village here receives an influx of customers to satisfy their hunger and others simply eager to have a taste of this delicacy of the Region. Roasted fish and chicken and drinks are also available to spice up variety alongside assorted drinks among other mouth watery snacks. Commonly seen are equally a group of mobile vendors of all ages, with items like fried corn and groundnuts, chewing gums, chocolate, bottled water etc to meet on spot the needs of those busy with various activities. Despite the heavy rains that accompany the day to day activities these vendors are poised at making the best of the situation no matter the inconveniences.

Being the third day of the event, more customers are having their sheds mounted up to satisfy the wants of visitors of the ten regions now present in Bamenda. The Bambui entrance stretching forth to Bambili is greatly animated day and night with exposition of foodstuff accompanied by cool music to provide the right atmosphere for the customers. There is therefore no doubt that the advent of the university games in Bambili will go a long way to boost the economic system of the people of the area and assure their visitors of a memorable stay at the University of the Future.

Cultural diversity promoted at the game village.

The University of Bamenda campus within these ten days of the games is not only animated by athletes carrying out their sporting activities but equally by side activities like promotion of diversity through vendors. The artistic embodiment at the university games is glaringly interesting as magnificent displays of cultural artifacts of the ten regions are on the podium. Articles like earrings, chains, African designed dresses and artistic artifacts are on display from the pathway stretching from the entrance of the campus to the Olympic stadium attracting thousands of onlookers. The purchase of these artifacts serves as souvenirs, or as a gift. The vendors from these first days are receiving a good number of customers at their stands. Photography business is equally at its peak with artisanal photographers present with adequate traditional costumes and regalia offered to those wishing to immortalize their stay in Bamenda during the University games. It is indeed a colorful and interesting sight brightening up the Bamenda University campus, making the event of the games more glorious.

With the theme of this years’ University games being to promote talents for National Development, Peace Unity and the Emergence of Cameroon, the different stands found at areas of the campus also serve a useful purpose by some academic and parastatal enterprises to foster this ideal. The stand of the University of Bamenda stands out with different sheds of their faculty of social science, faculty of Economics, college of technology etc. These stands are animated by members of the various faculties providing brochures and information to interested persons. The university of Dschang stand is equally outstanding, beautifully decorated with the Dschang material this venue plays host to guest wishing to know more information about the University of Dschang and serving as meeting point to the university community. An attractive element to the stand is the artistic elements like handmade jewelry sold out there. IBAF is also present with paintings ready to leave visitors with decorative arts and graffiti on their faces and hands as souvenirs. Bio-digesters, solar energy and a wide range of technological elements are equally present to showcase innovative and creative inventions.

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