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Post graduate students during their procession

University of Dschang launches new framework

Dschang,UDs/SIC-23/01/17.The Amphi 1000 of the University of Dschang played host to University lecturers, members of the Dschang Graduade School and students who massively turned out to witness the launching ceremony of the new framework of the Post Graduate School. The ceremony presided over by Vice Chancellor; Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso began at 10.30 a.m and had as main points, the presentation of the criteria of selection of members of the Post Graduate School, the organizational chart, oath taking by PhD students, inaugural lesson, an exposé and the launching speech by the Vice Chancellor/UDs Prof. Roger Nanfosso.

Prof. Kamgang Veronique, Director of Academic Affairs and Cooperation, set the ball rolling by giving the criteria of selection, general orientations and the different projects carried out in the Post graduate school with the aim to modernize the university research to rhythm with the BMD system. She explained that as agreed by the set committee, selection was on the basis of at least a 12/20 for Masters Students and same for the PhD but with addition to a defended thesis carried out in one sitting. She highlighted the different themes researched on by the various faculties and schools revealing the statistics of students with a total of 2321 in the post graduate school for 2016 /2017 academic year. The VREPTIC/UDs, Prof. Mpoame Mbida, expounded on the exigencies of the Post Graduate School. His intervention was centered on the framework, role and peculiarity of the PhD cycle including some rules and principles of the School. The various members at the helm of affairs at the PG school were presented by the DAAC/UDs. This presentation was followed by the oath taking session by PhD students. The 25 students, representing the five different Dschang schools, in their beautiful robes pledged loyalty to the institution as they carry out their academic activities.

One of the outstanding moments witnessed during the launching ceremony was the reading of the inaugural lesson which was brilliantly carried out by the Dean/FLSH Prof. Maurice Tsalefac. During his lesson on the innovative changes made in the Dschang School he focused on the context of creation of units of research, and changes as concerns teaching. He made a distinction between Masters and PhD, and the University’s expectations from the students and its lecturers geared towards ensuring that the university produces worthy members of the society. An expose on the challenges of scientific research in the African context followed suit by the Coordinator of the DSASS, Prof Robert Fotsing Mangoua. Prof. Fotsing in his exposé went on to enumerate the economic, human, intellectual challenges faced by students in their research but enjoined all to embrace dynamism, sharing and humility to achieve excellence. An exchange session followed suit during which satisfactory answers were provided for pertinent questions asked by lecturers and students.

VC assures student of a smooth Academic exercise

The VC eloquently delivers his speech during the cermony

The vital point of the occasion was the launching speech delivered by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Roger Nanfosso. He showed proof of great bilingualism in his speech and lauded the work of the students and lecturers for their concerted efforts to foster the spirit of collective dynamism. In spite of the constrains faced, the VC made it clear that this framework, is out to ensure the wellbeing of the 2321 students under the Post graduate school calling on the Dschang school to imbibe the spirit of excellence. Prof. Nanfosso expressed hope that his team of able actors, will meet up with expectations and continue to maintain its position of excellence. He thanked the non-teaching staff whose efforts have culminated to the success. It is worth noting that with such a framework in place, defences for the PhD level will be carried out within 3 years or at most 5 years and two years for the Masters programme.

The ceremony ended with a family picture to immortalize the event. This new framework will of course prepare both lecturers and students of the Post graduate school to ensure an effective and smooth follow up of the BMD system./GC

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