Admission offers for 2017/2018 UDs/PG School


 lists of Successful Applicants for Master II and Ph. D

Dschang, UDs/SIC-19/10/2017. The Vice Chancellor of the University of Dschang on the 17th October 2017 signed a communiqué publishing the list of students admitted into the various academic departments of the Dschang School. The admission offer is a result of the Second Ordinary Session of the Scientific Council of the Post-Graduate school of the University of Dschang, which was held in the conference hall of the Chancellery on Monday 2nd, October 2017. This council which is charged with selecting applicants for the Masters II, D1, and the promotion to D2 and D3 levels of Ph.D. This year’s statistics show that a total of 2358 students were admitted into the post graduate school at the different departmental levels as compared to last year which recorded a total of 2393. However, the examination of residual files recommended by the council saw an increase in the number of those admitted. This year, 1128 students were admitted into the Masters research programme, 894 into the professional domain, while 653 were enrolled into the D1, 356 students moved from D1 to D2 and 942 from D2-D3. This official promotion into the various Ph. D levels is an innovation of the collective dynamic spirit geared towards eradicating stagnation at the Ph. D level. Those admitted into any of the Ph. D levels are instilled with the consciousness of terminating their Ph. D within three years of effective work, as such, by the end of the 2017/2018 academic year, about 942 Ph.Ds. will be defended in the University of Dschang. The Chairperson of the scientific council urges the Director of the Post graduate school and the coordinators of the various Dschang schools to take all necessary measures to ensure the respect of the 2017/2018 academic calendar. /VM

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