2017/2018, General Assembly of Non- Teaching staff.


VC enjoins to foster collective dynamism.

Dschang, UDs/SIC-28/9/2017. The non-teaching staff of the University of Dschang massively answered present for the General Assembly organized by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Tsafack Nanfosso on Wednesday September 27th at the amphi 1000. The meeting which began at 11.15 a.m was spiced with a welcome song offered by the Association of female staff. Prof Nanfosso upon taking up the floor, unveiled five salient points for discussion. He disclosed the number of non-teaching staff of his institution as 711 divided into three categories which are 516 support staff, 81 State agents and 114 security agents at the service of UDs. Expatiating on his main points, the VC as concerns the academic life of the university, called on his staff to judiciously keep and respect the school calendar. Innovations as he disclosed about the official opening of the school year will take place at Ebolowa and Bafia respectively. The VC equally reminded all present that ensuring a sane working condition was his priority. He stated the fact that all documents for advancement were examined by various stakeholders, therefore receive fair treatment. On this the VC called on the non- teachingstaff to play a faithful role at ensuring the wellbeing of the University by decrying ills like lukewarm attitudes, lateness, and absenteeism. He told the staff of the huge sum of 130 million francs disbursed each month for salaries, for that they should in turn give what is expected of a diligent worker (assiduity, punctuality and hard work). As concerns, living conditions with main issues being hygiene and sanitation, the VC applauded the Ebolowa team for their benevolent actions to ensure cleanliness in the school campus. The issue of insurance was also tabled as the VC called on workers to be moderate giving the opportunity for all staff to benefit from it. The concluding issues were information given about the University of Dschang Foundation (FONDUDs) as the VC enjoined all to inscribe their names in the project to add to the 140 million francs collected so far which will serve at improving structures at UDs. From the suggestions offered by staff at the end of the meeting, all was clear that the non-teaching staff of UDs were ready to put hand in glove to promote the spirit of collective dynamism during the 2017/2018 academic year and beyond. /GC

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