Webometric-Ranking for the Jan 2021


The University of Dschang still at the forefront

Dschang/UDs-SIC 13/02/2021 .The University of Dschang is known by the International community for its landmark visibility online. Despite the fact that it is ranked 2nd in Cameroon after the University of Yaoundé at the January 2021 University Webometrics ranking.  The University of Buea ranks 3rd in Cameroon with the University of Maroua and the Ngaoundere following suit. The evaluation criteria amongst others, internet visibility and impact in the domain of research which consist of ‘’ Excellence Rank’’, ‘’Openness Rank”  “Presence Rank ‘’ and ‘’impact Rank’’. Publications on the university website and daily use of the social media (Face book and Twitter etc), access to scientific publication and pedagogic material in their different forms, that is, Microsoft Word, Power point etc. Scholar indicators are the template of measurement. For the July 2019 ranking, the University of Dschang was first in Cameroon, 1st in the CEMAC zone, 1st in CEEAC, 2nd in French Sub Saharan Africa, 60th in Sub Saharan Africa, 115th in Africa and 3482nd in the world. Its impact rank was 10333, presence rank of 13217, openness rank 3640 and an excellence rank 2477. For this year the University of Dschang has an impact rank of 10299, openness rank of 3411 and excellence rank of 2422 as against the University of Yaoundé with an impact rank 12057, openness rank 4928 and an excellence rank 1537. The University of Buea which comes 3rd has an impact rank of 9317, openness rank of 3471, and an excellence rank of 2956.  Despite the fact the University of Dschang dropped to the second position at the National level, it has maintained a positive balance sheet as it has moved from its 3482nd position at the world level to 3242nd position ( 40 places ahead ) and at the African level it has moved from its 115th position to 107th position( 8 places ahead). The University of Cairo however appears amongst the first five Universities in Africa as against the previous years where the best five were all South African Universities. At the world level the university of Yaoundé occupies 3206th while the University of the university of Buea is 3447th position. For its visibility, the University of Dschang remains at the forefront, with much already done and much yet to be desired.LD

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