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UDs clinches 10th position overall


Dschang,UDs/SIC07/05/23.The University games which kick started from the 29th April to the 6th May, 2023 at the University of Ngaoundere witnessed the participation of 18 Institutions of Higher Learning in all 10 disciplines. This rich sporting event after four years saw UDs rank 10th. This thrilling and highly competitive event was the first crucial task of the Director of Student’s Welfare of the University of Dschang, Mr Zie Zie Gothard ever since his appointment in 2020.

During this  23rd edition, UDs was ranked 10th  behind UEb which has  (3 gold,6 silver and 4 bronze medals) , UN had (5 gold ,5 silver and 9 bronze medals  making a total of 19 medals) ,UB had ( 5 gold,6 silver, and 9 bronze a total of 20) ,UDo (6 gold,3 silver,7 bronze 17),UYII (8 gold medals,8 silver 8 bronze medals making a total  24 medals) and UYI (17 gold medals,10 silver 10 bronze total 37)  . The overall trophy of the games was lifted by the University of Yaoundé I in grand style.

The University of Dschang on its part had two gold medals (from Judo), 2 silver medals and 13 bronze medals at the end of the university games. Private Institutes of Learning were high on the podium with IUG clinching 2nd position over all with 11 gold,8 silver,10 bronze medals, IUS  with 8 gold,10 silver,14 bronze medals and IUC  with 8 gold,5 silver 11 bronze medals. UDs first gold medal was obtained on April 30th , 2023, on the second day of the University Games with TEMGOUA Tobie in Judo and the other in the team judo category. In the Paralympic sports UDs at the official ranking by FENASU occupied 5th position behind UBa (1 gold,2 silver 4 bronze medals) ,UN(2 gold,3 silver,2 bronze medals), UYII(4 gold,4 silver 5 bronze medals ) and UDo (5 gold, no silver and 1 bronze medals).

This is a step further as compared to  the previous year, i in 2019 when Dschang only won three silver medals. This is a notable step up in Judo to be more precise, thanks to the dynamic coaching staff led by Dr Feze. The prospect of this sporting come back is to regain the level it had during 2010 decade when at the Buea Games in 2012 the team won 06 gold medals. There has been a decline in the other disciplines in both men and female category and we hope that with the new spirit injected into the sporting sphere UDs will once more gain its winning spirits in the next University games slated for Maroua 2024./

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