Material support to entrepreneurs by CATI2 -UDs


Beneficiaries express satisfaction

Dschang,UDs/SIC-25/03/21.The official presentation of material support to 4 startups at the final phase by the CATI2-UDs in Dschang and Bafoussam by a technical CATI2-UDs team saw enthusiasm and satisfaction from the beneficiaries. During the presentation, the beneficiaries were encouraged for their determination in developing realizable projects, assured of CATI2 ,s continuous support and advised to make proper use of the materials at their disposal. After the presentation all the beneficiaries expressed satisfaction on the role CATI2-UDs plays.

   Felix Che TUMAJA, CEO of UNED Cameroon (Union for Environmental Decency) involved in horticulture, the production of grafted plants and fish production who received material support for the construction of a fish tank with an integrated system highlights that the material support will go a long way to realize their goals “…with this assistance a 3 months old pond will be transformed into a fish pond”. He indicated that CATI2 training program helped empower his vision and acted as a support to the achievement of their goals, promising to make adequate use of the support offered to ensure large scale production.

Selected by CATI2-UDs in 2018, a student of the Insitute of Fine Arts, Foumban, Martial Kangang, CEO of E-KANT, a young enterpreneur invovled in product design exclusively  from waste products who received material support of production equipment states that the support will help expand the enterprsie, create jobs and serve as an example to other youths who are sceptical in being enterpreneurs. He thanked CATI2-UDs and lauded the iniative of the Vice chancellor to train  youths into enterpreneurship. He appreciated the assistance from CATI2-UDs which had guided youths theorically, practically and finacially. He benefits  from material  support of Super stationary sewing machines for bags, unique bag production tools among others.

The CEO of POWER GREEN Sarl, Djoukouo Dassi Nadia, and two time prize award winner of CATI2-UDs startup 2019, received material and non-financial support  (iron, cement, tiles, etc.) in order to boost the construction of a Power Biogas model at its headquarters in Bafoussam stated that she started her career in 2017 under CATI2-UDs,   where she created her enterprise in 2019 and won 2nd prize at the national level at the youth entrepreneurship innovation challenge. At the Power Green construction site co-financed by UNDP, MINJEC, CATI2-UDs and Rfi, the beneciefairy expressed satisfaction with the  support so far. CATI2-UDs has supported me  enormously and help boost the realisation of my project. I have learned a lot on business plans , feasibility studies among others. She inspires youths to take up the challenge and approach structures like the CATI2-UDs while staying focus on their objectives.

Kemmeni Hymette, CEO, of Agro Eco Fraise recieved material for the construction of strawberry bins in order to increase production. This is an Agricultural enterprise that is specialized in the cultivation and marketing of strawberry. After being selected from the 10 projects, CATI2-UDs supported me enormously to kick start the enterprise after my training on straw berry cultivation and today I have over 50 bins of strawberry. It has given me an opportunity to recruit 3 persons… I hope to know how to preserve and transform these fruits to increase production. She encourages all to explore various opportunities and not rely only on their certificates. /


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