+ CALL FOR ERASMUS mobility between partner countries and the University of Huelva (UHU)

Key Action 1 (KA 107) 


The University of Huelva (UHU) approves the publication of this call for the realization of Study periods (SMS) and Staff Mobility for Teaching Periods (STA) and Staff Mobility for Training periods (STT) in the UHU during the Spring Semester of the 2019/2020 academic year and the   Autumn or Spring Semester 2020/2021 academic year. This program is developed by the European Commission with financial support organized by the Spanish Service for Internationalization of Education (SEPIE) within the Erasmus + Program, approved by the European Parliament in the financial framework 2014-2020, which came into force on 1 January 2014. The new Erasmus + program is part of the Europe 2020 strategy, Education and Training 2020 Rethinking Education and encompasses all initiatives for education, training, youth and sport. This announcement takes place as part of ERASMUS Mobility Projects + Key 1 action in the field of Education, Training and Youth between Programme Countries and Partner Countries (KA107).

The purpose of this call will be granting 4 places for student mobility and 4 places for staff mobility during the Spring Semester of the 2019/2020 academic year and/or during the  2020/2021 academic year, to be occupied by students at Bachelor or Master level or doctorate level and 2 lecturers (to carry out Staff Mobility for Teaching) and 2 members of staff (academic or administrative to carry out staff mobility for training) from the country and university that is related in Annex I of this call, to the University of Huelva.



1. The number of available places in this call corresponds to funding granted by the European Commission to the University of Huelva, and is based on interinstitutional agreements signed between UHU and the University of Dschang.

2. The areas of knowledge of the eligible participants will be those indicated in the interinstitutional agreement signed between the university and the University of Huelva for the purposes of this call.

3. The mobility will take place during the Spring Semester of the 2019/2020 academic year and/or the 2020/2021 academic year. The student mobility should take place during the period 15th February, 2020 and July 10th 2020 or during the period September 1, 2020 and July 10th, 2021. Staff mobility may take place until April 30th, 2021.

4. Candidates should send Applications to the International Relations Office of the University of Dschang.

5. Students and teaching staff mobility receive financial assistance to cover maintenance costs during the period of mobility as well as financial assistance to cover travel costs, as specified in paragraph 7.

6. Participants in mobility may attend classes (for students) and make use of the facilities and infrastructure of the receiving university without paying tuition fees (except for minor issues which also apply to local students). All activities included in the Learning Agreement between participating universities will be recognized at the home university.

7. The University of Dschang will be responsible for nominating their selected participants, as well as organizing the preparation, monitoring and recognition of mobility period.

8. The sending university shall publish this call on its website and give maximum publicity by any other suitable advertising medium.

9. All participants are advised to read carefully the information contained in this document prior to completing and handing in applications.


To participate in this call for mobility Erasmus +, applicants must meet the following requirements:

·         Students: be enrolled at the University of Dschang in any of the degree or study programs included in the interinstitutional agreement signed between their home university and the University of Huelva. Students must be at least in their second year studies.

·         Teaching Staff: Being Employed at the University of Dschang for educational purposes. In the event that the place is not filled by a lecturer, it could be occupied by teaching or non-teaching staff for training purposes. This circumstance would be subject to the prior approval of SEPIE.

·         Non-Teaching Staff: Being Employed at the University of Dschang. In the event that the place is not filled by a member of the university administrative staff, it could be occupied by teaching staff for training purposes.

The mobility must not take place in the country of residence of the participant nor where pursuing studies nor working.


[This section is reserved for information relating to the submission of applications and documentation from applicants for their university.

– A duly completed application form (downloadable on the website of the University of Dschang) 

-A request for mobility addressed to the Rector of the University of Dschang as part of the ERASMUS + program
-A curriculum vitae,

-A certified photocopy of the birth certificate less than three months old;

-A medical certificate duly issued by a licensed physician,

-Four 4×4 ID photos;

-A certified copy of the highest degree;

-the transcripts of the lower levels

The administrative staff and lecturers, should add,

-A certificate of actual presence at the post;

-A certificate of service taking.

Deadline for applications:

[This section is reserved to include the submission of applications at their university.

 The deadline for application is Septembrer 15th 2019


The process of selecting participants in the sending University must guarantee the principles of transparency, competition and equal competitive opportunities for all participants. The criteria for selecting participants are described below:

1. Students:

                                a) Average grade of academic records (10 points)

                                b) Level of language (if applicable) (05 points)

c) Any other information specified by the student (additional skills or skills, specific academic interest, vulnerable socio-economic situation, etc.) (05 points)

2. Personnel To:

                For administrative staff

                a) involvement in carrying out administrative work (participation in meetings, participation in various committees created to carry out specific work,) (10 points)

                b) Good notes obtained in the assessment by the supervisor (05 points)

                c) Level of language (05 points)

                For lecturers

                a) Involvement in pedagogic and academic activities of the university of Dschang (Participation in symposia and various scientific events organized at the university of Dschang) (10 points)

                b) Good pedagogical and academic report duly delivered by the competent authority (05 points)

                c) Level of language (05 points)

N.B. : Women’s applications and those of people with disabilities will be well appreciated

The sending university will select participants and send the list of selected to the University of Huelva.


Selected applicants who accept + ERASMUS mobility shall comply with the following obligations:

1. Acceptance: To formalize the acceptance of the grant, the participant must complete a Acceptance form which should  be available on the website of the University of Dschang, and submit it to the Office of International Relations of the University of Huelva, in a maximum of seven days from the day of the communication to the applicant. A copy of the passport should also be sent as soon as possible.

2. Commitment: The recipient of Erasmus + grant shall comply with the following obligations:

1. Sign Grant Agreement between the participant and the University of Huelva and any later amendments. The University of Huelva International Office staff will provide this document.

2. Sign the corresponding Learning Agreement (For students) or Mobility Agreement (For teachers) before departure. These agreements contain learning objectives or teaching the period of stay, as well as formal recognition provisions and the rights and obligations of the parties.

3. Remain at university of Huelva for the time indicated in the Agreement. The participant must join the University of Huelva with full respect for its internal rules. Such residence shall be accredited by their home university on their return by filing Certificate of stay completed by the University of Huelva, available on the website of the University of Huelva. The minimum period of stay is 3 months for students and 5 days for teachers. Non completion of the established period may result in the loss of the right to receive the grant and, subsequent reclaiming of payments made, if applicable.

4. Degree students selected must complete a minimum and a maximum of 18 and 30 ECTS credits, respectively, during their stay at the University of Huelva.

5. Teachers and administrative staff should contact someone in the receiving university before departure to design the corresponding work plan and the mobility agreement.

6. Staff participants for teaching mobility must meet a minimum of 8 hours teaching a week while in the university.

7. The stays must be made during the spring semester of the  2019/2020 academic year, ending at the latest by 10th July 2020 for students and April  30th , 2020 for staff, or during the 2020/2021 academic year ending by 10th July 2021 for students and April 30th 2021 for staff visitors according to the Learning Agreement or subscribed Mobility, respecting the norms and practices governing the University of Huelva.

8. Selected students must submit the Transcript according to the criteria of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) of ​​their home university, duly signed and stamped by the University of Huelva, in a maximum of thirty days from the end the period of stay.

9. All participants must complete the form Final report which will be requested by the University of Huelva, at the request of the European Commission, upon departure, within a maximum period of thirty days of the completion of stay.

10. It is the responsibility of the participant to procure the health insurance coverage for the purposes of sickness, accidents, occupational accidents and repatriation and civil responsibility, effective from arrival at the University of Huelva. Before departure the student should send evidence of this to the Office of International Relations at the University of Huelva.

11. The selected participants must apply and formalize the corresponding visa in their country of origin. The University of Huelva will issue a letter of acceptance for this purpose.

12. The participants selected will formalize and pay travel costs in advance and have sufficient funds to subsist during the first month in the country of destination, since, as indicated in paragraph 6, the University of Huelva will make payment to pay the maintenance support and travel after arrival at the University of Huelva.

13. To receive the financial assistance, student participants must open a Bank account in the destination country, where payment, as indicated in paragraph 6 shall be paid.

14. Participants will be responsible for finding accommodation in the destination country. The university will provide the support necessary to search for it through its various services.

3. Disclaimers Once Acceptance document has been signed the participant shall be bound to carry out the period of stay granted. Possible resignations submitted by participants will be penalized for future requests for international assistance from the University of Huelva, except those cases that have been justified as force majeure.

VI. OBLIGATIONS University of Huelva

1. The University of Huelva shall send a letter of acceptance and the corresponding informative documentation to selected participants resolved following the final selection.

2. Upon arrival, participants will receive all the information and documentation necessary for the performance of stay in the University of Huelva (Student card, Internet access codes, etc.).

3. University of Huelva shall designate an academic coordinator to the student. The academic coordinator will be responsible for signing the Learning Agreement and to support the participant in any academic issues.

4. After completion of mobility, University of Huelva send the Transcript (For students) and Certificate of stay (In the case of teachers), to the corresponding university.


The aid granted to the participants of the mobility program Erasmus + is designed to partially cover the expenses incurred by them during their stay abroad.

Aid funds from the European Union under the next call include:

1. An aid to cover subsistence expenses: This amount is set according to the country of destination and length of stay. The aid is divided by groups of countries, according to the approximate cost of living. Spain is included in Group 2 and mobilities contribution to this country is 850 EUR per month for students, Y 160 EUR a day for staff. 

2. an aid to help cover travel expenses. The amount is calculated as a function of distance bands that in the case of Dschang is 530 euros.

The distance should be calculated between the city of origin and University City University of destination, using the distance calculator European Union (


Students must open a bank account as soon as possible after arrival in Huelva and will receive payment in two parts. The University of Huelva shall pay the financial assistance to cover subsistence expenses after the arrival of the participants in accordance with the following conditions:

1. A down payment check after receiving participant’s arrival at the destination university corresponding to 80% of the total allocated amount. Also it is paid with the initial payment corresponding to the aid amount to cover travel expenses.

3. A final payment corresponding to 20% of the total amount allocated after submission of the final report.


Staff will receive full payment after arrival in Huelva.



He maximum funding period for each type of mobility will be a maximum of 6 months for undergraduates, and 5 days (Plus 2 travel days) for teachers.


All communications by the candidates must be made to its home International Relations office. Once selected, beneficiaries may contact the University of Huelva through the addresses: + 34 959 21 8221 Personal Mobility + 34 959 21 9494 Student mobility + 34 959 21 9169

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