2nd edition of VC’s dance competition


UDs Central Services retain the title

Dschang,UDs/SIC-07/03/20.  The peak point of the Gastronomy day in prelude for the International women’s day marked the 2nd edition of the Vice-chancellor dance competition involving some faculties of the institution.  A 7 man jury was setup to evaluate the competition with President Prof Avom Desire (Dean/FSEG) , Prof Brusil Miranda (VRECOME),Prof  Wansi Sylvie (DAAF/UDs) ,Prof Choukem Simeon Pierre (DEAN/FMPS), Prof Kalieu Yvette (V/Dean(FLPS), Prof Temgoua Emile (FASA) and Prof Fotsing Magloire (Coordinator DSEAS).  The wining criteria was based on; mode of entrance, choreography, dance steps, facial expressions (on 10), dressing (on 5), stage performance, (on 5)

Originality, cohesion and use of space and time. This edition had a blend of Cameroonian dances like Bitkutsi, Asiko, bottle dance, bend skin among others. The Faculty of Letters Social Sciences set the pace followed by the Central Services, FSLP, FSEG and FSMP ( 1st participation). From serious deliberations  after witnessing a very tight electrifying displays from the faculties the  1st prize was awarded to the  Central services  with the sum of 50,000 CFa, 2nd  FSJP  with 30,000frs ,3rd FSLH 20,000. This phase of the event ended in a frenzy with all the women folk joining to crown the ceremony./RN

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