UDs in its quest to maintain hygiene and Sanitation


You know the University is driving forward with its collective Dynamics….  VC

UDs/SIC-08/02/2019. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso during the monthly joint cleanup campaign that commenced on the 7th February 2019 actively kick started the cleaning session with members of the university community in his sports wears and cleaning tools. Leading the 1st cleaning batch from the entrance to the flag mast of campus A, Prof Roger ensured that the process was diligently carried out and waste properly disposed. At the end of the event, he expressed the notion behind the initiative to press men while insisting that such a gesture fostered not only unity but also good health for all members of the Community.

You know the University is driving forward with its collective Dynamics and we have some steps to enrich the principle. This is a new step, a day for human investment, to be together and we are hoping it increases our awareness on proper sanitation and encourage a healthy environment .As such we need the entire community to join in this enriching and healthy gesture. The students and staff need to be aware that this is their campus and consequently its cleanliness should be our priority. Since it was decided by our Chancellery board that such a day will be instituted, 1st Thursday of every month, we hope all members of the university will be cautious and adhere to this universal call.  This day will also spur the need for togetherness among the university community. As you can see, all members of the chancellery board are here, the students are present, administrative and teaching staff are all here. It is a right step at the right direction to ensure the university’s outlook throughout the national territory./

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