UDs fostering ties with Germany

The delegation from the University of Cologne and the UDs officials after the first working session

The delegation from the University of Cologne and the UDs officials after the first working session

The Rector receives delegation from the University of Cologne
Dschang SIC/UDs 28/09/15
. A delegation from the University of Cologne, Germany, was received at the Rectorate by the Rector and other university dignitaries for a seven day working visit.  The working session slated from the 26th of September to the 4th of October 2015 will be marked by an exchange session, a courtesy visit to the SDO of Menoua, the signing of cooperation accords, visitation of University infrastructure and the Institute of Fine Arts in Foumban among other activities.

During the working visit at the Rectorate hall, Dr Filomain Nguemo, Research Scientist and Group leader in the Centre for Physiology and Parasitology, Institute of Neurophysiology (Medical School, University of cologne), who spoke on behalf of the delegation expressed satisfaction for the warm welcome by the Rector and stated that the University of Cologne was present to sign a concrete and realisable partnership with the University of Dschang. He added that the Rector of the University of Cologne awaited a concrete plan of collaboration with the University of Dschang after their mission. Dr Filomain said the cooperation is multi-dimensional, in phases with priorities set in line with a time frame. He added that in defining the priorities it will help foster cooperation ties between the University of Cologne and the University of Dschang.

Prof Jurgen Hescheler, Director of the Institute of Physiology, Cologne University, appreciated Dr Filomain Nguemo, who initiated the collaboration and stated that it was an interesting start putting in place concrete steps geared towards excellence. “Every start needs enthusiasm, it is important; every good end should have discipline .for better results.” He assured that the working visit would not be the last of its kind. Dr Stefan Bildhauer, Director of International Affairs Bureau during the visit also expressed his support for the cooperation. He acknowledged that though it was his first time to be in this part of the world there was need to go step by step. He assured the effective collaboration of the University of Cologne especially in the field of Medicine and Biology. The Director said he was looking forward to future meetings, deliberations and sharing of ideas with the University of Dschang’s authorities. Prof Konrad Brockmeier, the representative of the Rector of the University of Cologne was delighted and pledged his support during the working visit. 

Prof Tsafack welcomes delegation

In his first official ceremony with foreign partners, the Rector, Prof Tsafack in his speech welcomed the delegation on behalf of the entire University community. He presented the history, faculties and mission of the University to the guest. The Rector stated that the University in its bid to achieve excellence as prescribed by the Head of State had to sign partnerships ties to ensure professionalism. He confirmed that some lecturers and students were already benefiting from such exchange and used the opportunity to call for the formalization of the relationship between the two universities. The Rector praised Dr Filomain Nguemo, a key personality, former student of the University of Dschang and brain behind the cooperation and described him as a living example of what is expected from Cameroonians in the diaspora. The Rector hoped that Dr Filomain’s leadership example will be copied by all other Cameroonians abroad so as to create more partnership ties with the outside world and the University of Dschang./PN 

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