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UDs community joins in a KEEP UDS CLEAN campaign

Dschang,UDs/SIC-0702/19.  The University community engaged themselves on an intensive cleanup campaign on Thursday 7th February 2019 .This activity was a follow up of  a note signed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dschang on 20th December 2018 instituting a monthly clean-up campaign every 1st Thursday of the month in all its campuses nationwide.  During the campaign which started at 7.00am at the Dschang campus, members of the Chancellery Board, teaching and non-teaching staff as well as students were led by the Vice chancellor, Prof. Roger Tsafack Nanfosso for the cleanup.

The campaign for the first edition witnessed a mammoth turnout by the members of the university communities in their working outfits and cleaning materials. Coordinated by the Director of Infrastructure Planning and Development, Prof Tamo Thomas  who  organized the cleaning crew into three batches; 1st from the entrance to the flag mast of Campus A, the 2nd from the University restaurant A to the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences and the 3rd batch handled Campus C and all the faculties. The exercise was marked by sweeping, clearing, cleaning of offices, classroom and proper disposition of waste among other hygienic and sanitation practices. The student bodies, delegates, cultural and social clubs were all present as well as the Hygiene and sanitation club to ensure the active participation of students during the exercise. This initiative from the Vice-chancellor steps in to foster the vision of the university and uphold the values of collective dynamics which is the dogma of the institution. This will definitely ensure the cleanliness of its campuses throughout the national territory.

Students and staff appreciate the initiative as it not only makes the environment clean but brings them closer to all members of the University community and fosters harmony and social dialogue.

 For Vohfac Francois Mitterrand, GDG of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences “It’s a very good initiative that the Vice-Chancellor brought in to improve on the cleanliness of the campus and assist the team already in place in charge of sanitation. With us supporting this endeavour once every month, I think it’s laudable and very welcoming as an idea”.

It is the same impression for Mr Mbuih Zukane, Staff at the Information and Conferences Service and trainer of the Hygiene and sanitation club of the University “This initiative is a continuum of a dogma which I grew up to learn which states that cleanliness is next to Godliness. So henceforth every first Thursday of every month a robust cleanup campaign will be carried out to support the staff concerned with the activities all over the campuses of the University of Dschang. The Vice-chancellor’s vision thus brings all members of the University community to jointly ensure a healthy body in a healthy environment.

The President of the Hygiene and sanitation club, Njendou Prisca of the faculty of Letters and Social Sciences does not hide her feeling and highlights the role students and the club are expected to play during the campaign “I want to encourage all students to join in this campaign so that the campus can be clean. This gesture will help keep the campus clean and ensure that the students study in a decent and healthy environment”

For Abdullah Malik of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, he highlights how the student body received the call and what was done to inform the entire student body “the initiative as admirable, the student body happily received the initiative… it is the duty of all the members of the university community for the campus to be clean. I wish to use this opportunity to remind all those absent today to subscribe in this journey of collective dynamics so that we can all live in a healthy environt. We convened as a student body and used the social networks, most especially our different departmental and faculty whatsapp groups to inform all the students as well as made tours to the various theater halls and classrooms to sensitize the majority of the students…

The joy and assiduity of the staff and students during the campaign indicates a strong drive to ensure that the guiding principles instituted by the Vice-chancellor are implemented to the latter/.

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