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Meritorious personnel rewarded

Dschang,UDs/SIC-30/01/19.The ceremony for the presentation of New Year Wishes to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Roger Tsafack Nanfosso, had as one of its salient moments the presentation of the best workers for the year 2018. Particular this year was the recognition of two of the institution’s meritorious staff by the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education, Chancellor of Academic Orders among whom were Mme Medongou Tchoutezo Marie Jeanne epse Kenfack and Mr. Kentsa Patrice. The choice of these two outstanding staff precisely from the Cabinet of the Vice-Chancellor and Accounting Office was greeted by euphoria by the University community during the ceremony. The two personnel recognized by the Minister as a sign of appreciation for their commitment to work were rewarded with an additional echelon in their administrative career.

For Mme Marie Jeanne Kenfack, her feeling was rather that of joy and gratefulness to the hierarchy for haven acknowledged her work. “I feel very encouraged; I want to thank the hierarchy for recognizing my efforts. My gratitude also go to all my colleagues with whom as a strong team we have been able foster the spirit of collective dynamism” As a word for her colleagues “I advise all to love their job and to give the best of themselves, team spirit and respect of hierarchy should be their watchword, it is only then that the university through the staff will stay high on the ladder of productivity and success”.   The internal award of meritorious staff initiated by the Vice- Chancellor, Prof, Nanfosso, has as main aim to encourage productivity, assiduity and commitment.  For the 2018 year, judged on the basis of punctuality, assiduity and hard work, the Chief of Services and the University Registrar worked hand in glove to rigorously examine the active non-teaching personnel of the institution to have the eleven meritorious staff chosen. The choice was stretched to all the faculties and institutes of the University as follows: Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences; Mme  Ndong epse Momo Angele, Faculty of Economics and Magament; Mme Tchendji Rachel epse Talla, Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences; Mr. Ndongue Antoine, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Mr. Tiague Herve, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences; Mr. Amfouo Moise, the Fotso Victor Institute of Technology ; Mr. Toukam Rigobert, IBAF/Foumban; Mr Gnamfet Nkwen Oumarou and Mr. Metsele Jean Lious  III from the Central Service.  The meritious staff were rewarded with a certificate and a prize award from the university. This recognition by the Minister and the University is deeply gratifying and will serve as an encouragement platform for other university staff/ GC

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