2019 New Year wishes to the Vice-Chancellor


 Prof. Nanfosso gives New Year perspectives

Dschang,UDs/SIC-30/01/19.  The university community joined in the traditional New Year wishes to the Vice Chancellor which was marked by a colourful display of the presentation of new student general delegates, retired staff, promoted teaching personnel and the signing of conventions. At the end of the four hour event, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Roger Tsafack Nanfosso expressed his optimism after the event and projected on the future of the University to media officials. We have organized together a classic and usual ceremony, the exchange of best wishes between the community and the Vice-chancellor. We have many challenges but we continue in the spirit of collective dynamics to overcome the huddles. The year 2019, will be a year to articulate on a national event which is the hosting of the 22nd edition of the University games. We have the ambition to organize a university game in 3 different university sites; Dschang, Bandjoun and Foumban. We also hope in  the coming days to know the exact date of the games and the retained theme for the games. We are confident that the games will be a platform to promote living together which is in line with our spirit of Collective dynamism that spurs the functioning of our University. The Vice-Chancellor highlighted the need for improvements in all academic spheres in a bid to overcome the existing challenges ,the challenges affecting our dynamic spirit are the same, the amelioration of teaching practices and quality infrastructure is vital as well as  issues on the extension of the insurance plan, upgrading of laboratories and improvement of research centers. This year, the university will organized a colloquium on the theme ,the Franc CFA on debate which will try to demarcate the difference between passion and science. We intend to be accompanied by many foreign experts. We hope the improve quality of research and library content. It is important to recall that all members of the University Community are insured. The head of the institution expressed satisfaction with the newly signed convention with the Municipal Mayors of Bafoussam 1&3. The event was also characterized by the fact that we signed innovative convention with two Mayors of Bafoussam Councils (1&3) we intent to proceed with that of Bafoussam 2 soon. We are looking forward to see how the mayors and the university students can broaden the decentralization spectrum. The Decentralization committee needs to be accompanied by Universities (Municipal universities), to ensure that the strategic development plan, urban development, circulation and waste disposal measures are scientifically handled. The acceptance of the Mayors to such a project gives us hope that people will see how students and the Mayors can jointly bring development from a scientific point of view. With such perspectives for the year ahead it is obvious that the University is on the right track in achieving its vision and applying its mission./

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